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June 5-10, 1967/Israel vs Egypt, Syria, and Jordan/Egyptian forces mobilized along Israeli border/Israel launched preemptive air strikes destroying nearly entire Egyptian Air ForceSix-Day War (June War or Third Arab-Israeli War)
October 6-25, 1973/joint Egyptian-Syrian surprise attack on holiest day in Judaism/initial Arab success/ Israel went on offensive after 3 days, was shelling Damascus within a weekYom Kippur War (Ramadan War, October War, or Fourth Arab-Israeli War)
'Tripartite Agression' or Kadesh Operation/Israel, France and UK invaded Sinai Peninsula to return Suez Canal to Western control and remove Nasser from powerSuez Crisis (Second Arab-Israeli War)
aka the Al-Aqsa Intifada/2000-2005/began after Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount/many suicide bombings by PalestiniansSecond Intifada
1967-1970/Nasser mad about losing the Sinai to Israel in Six-Day War/Egypt shelled the Bar Lev Line (Israeli defense line in Sinai)/ended in ceasefire, no boundary changesWar of Attrition
Palestinian uprising against Israeli presence in Gaza and the West Bank/1987-1993/began after IDF truck hit civilian car in the Jabalia refugee camp, killing four peopleFirst Intifada
12 July-14 Aug 2006/34 day conflict/Hezbollah fighters ambushed 2 Israeli Humvees, killing 3 and taking 2 prisoner/5 more killed in rescue attempt/Israel invaded southern Lebanon2006 Lebanon War
Operation Peace for Galilee/Abu Nidal organization tried to assassinate Israeli ambassador to UK/Begin blamed PLO/ IDF invaded southern Lebanon1982 Lebanon War
Began day after signing of Israeli Declaration of Independence/Irag, Egypt, Jordan, Syria invaded Israel/10 months long/Israel took 60% of proposed Arab state1948 Arab-Israeli War (First Arab-Israeli War)

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