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DescriptionPrime MinisterParty
First Israeli Prime Minister from 1948-1954 & 1955-1963 (3 terms)Mapai Party
PM from 2001-2006/greatest field commander in Israel's history/nicknamed King of Israel/began as commander in 1948/formed Kadima/2006 stroke ended career/died in 2014Likud/Kadima Party
PM from 2006-2009/mayor of Jerusalem from 1993-2003/sentenced to 6 yrs prison in 2014 for briberyKadima Party
PM from 1999-2001/graduate in physics, math, & econ from Hebrew U of Jerusalem & StanfordLabor Party
1st PM born after Israel created/Ambassador to UN 1984-1988/3 terms as PM 1996-1999 & 2009-present Likud Party
PM assassinated by Yigal Amir/oversaw Six-Day War in 1967/ambassador to US 1968-1973/PM from 1974-1977 & 1992-1995/1994 Nobel Peace Prize for Oslo AccordsLabor Party
Only female PM/1969-1974/Iron Lady of Israeli politics/oversaw the 1974 Yom Kippur WarLabor Party
Polish-born/represented 5 political parties/PM 1984-1986 & 1995-1996/1994 Nobel Peace Prize for Oslo Accords (as Israeli Foreign Minister)/Labor Party
PM from 1977-1983/founded Herot & Likud/leader of Zionist militant group Irgun/1979 Nobel Peace Prize w/Sadat for Camp David AccordsLikud Party

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