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InfoSecretary of StatePresident
1921-25/36th Governer of NY/Chief Justice of Supreme Court/narrowly lost 1916 election to Wilson/judge on Int'l Court of JusticeHarding/Coolidge
1790-93/1st Sec of State/opposed Treasury Sec Hamilton on fiscal policy & location of capital/pro-FrenchWashington
1881 & 1889-92/moved US from isolationism to international playerGarfield/Arthur/B Harrison
2009-13/Arab Spring/Benghazi terror attack/private email server scandalObama
1817-25/acquired Florida/wrote Monroe DoctrineMonroe
2017-present/former Exxon Mobil CEOTrump
1953-59/published War or Peace (critical of containment policy)/built up NATO/set up SEATO/aggressive against Soviets (brinkmanship)/Wash DC airport named for himEisenhower
1825-29/member of Great Triumvirate/became Sec of State as a result of the 'Corrupt Bargain'/founded Whig party/was sued by slave Charlotte Dupuy for freedomQuincy Adams
1801-09/negotiated Louisiana Purchase w/France/attempted to maintain neutrality during Napoleonic Wars/supported elimination of all foreign trade to punish France & UKJefferson
1905-09/major NY lawyer/established namesake-Takahira Agreement/worked w/UK to arbitrate US/Canada Alaska boundary disputeT Roosevelt
1844-45/member of Great Triumvirate/negotiated split of Oregon Territory w/UK/oversaw annexation of Texas into UnionTyler
2013-17/thankfully no longer in office/oversaw US-Iranian nuclear deal/advocated military intervention in Syria after Assad's use of chemical weaponsObama
1982-89/important figure in final years of Cold WarReagan
1794-95/managed settlement of Citizen GenĂȘt AffairWashington
1989-92/important figure at close of Cold War & collapse of Soviet Union/orchestrated international coalition in First Gulf WarGHW Bush
2001-05/first African American/formed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/presented intelligence about Iraq's WMD's to UN Security CouncilGW Bush
1997-2001/first female/set US/NATO roles in Kosovo WarClinton
1925-29/co-author of namesake Pact agreeing to outlaw war/also named for French foreign minister/was a 1-term Minnesota senatorCoolidge/Hoover
InfoSecretary of StatePresident
1811-17/wounded at Battle of Trenton/studied law under Jefferson/opposed ratification of Constitution/negotiated Louisiana Purchase in France as diplomat/also served as Sec of WarMadison
1829-31/negotiated treaties w/France, UK, & Ottoman Empire/became 8th PresidentJackson
1929-33/namesake doctrine (opposed Japanese expansion in Pacific)/Sec of War during WW2Hoover
1947-49/namesake plan for rebuilding Europe after WW2 (won 1953 Nobel Peace Prize)/opposed recognition of state of IsraelTruman
1861-69/negotiated purchase of Alaska (namesake Folly)/suffered assassination attempt same night as Lincoln/dealt w/Trent AffairLincoln
1993-1997/Oslo Accords/Rwanda Genocide/Khobar Towers bombing/oversaw Gore's recount effort in Florida in 2000 electionClinton
1973-77/ended Vietnam War (won Nobel Peace Prize 1973)/initiated talks with China/helped end Yom Kippur War/probably most influential Sec of StateNixon/Ford
1933-44/longest serving Sec of State/won 1945 Nobel Peace Prize for establishing UN/pursued 'Good Neighbor' policy in Latin America/opposed US asylum for Jews during WW2FDR
1845-49/helped negotiate 1846 Oregon Treaty setting border at 49th parallel/became 15th PresidentPolk
1800-01/member of US commission during XYZ Affair/negotiated Convention of 1800 ending Quasi-War w/France/became most influential Chief Justice from (1801-35)Adams
1795-1800/1st served as Postmaster General under both Washington & Adams/served as Adjutant & Quartermaster General during Revolution/strong Federalist, pro-British advocateWashington/Adams
1852-53/gave keynote address at Gettysburg Cemetery dedication/drafted official letter taken by Perry to JapanFillmore
1841-43 & 1850-52/member of Great Triumvirate/architect of namesake-Ashburton Treaty (resolved Caroline Affair & set Maine border)/supported US involvement in Hungarian RevolutionWH Harrison/Tyler/Fillmore
1977-80/resigned over Operation Eagle Claw (to rescue US hostages in Iran)/advocate of negotiation w/Soviet Union/return of Panama Canal to Panama/Camp David AccordsCarter
2005-09/first female African American/traveled more miles as Sec of State than any other in history/sought to spread democracy/Transformational DiplomacyGW Bush
1898-1905/private secretary to Lincoln/negotiated Open Door Policy in China & namesake treaty for building of the Panama CanalMcKinley/T Roosevelt
1857-60/resigned b/c of Buchanan's failure to protect federal interests in the South and mobilize the federal military/Michigan SenatorBuchanan
1913-15/resigned b/c of pacifist position regarding WW1/The Great Commoner/Cross of Gold speech/Scopes trialWilson

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