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Can you name the important secretaries of the treasury?

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DescriptionSecretaryYears Served
Treasury Sec under Clinton/VP candidate w/Dukakis/famous quote vs Quayle 'Senator you're no Jack Kennedy'/helped pass NAFTA & GATT1993-1994
Treasury Sec under Harding, Coolidge, & Hoover/negotiated Germany's WW1 debt/US plan similar to Laffer curve/supported progressive tax but lowered all rates/increased gov't revenue1921-1932
Recess appointment as Treasury Sec by Jackson/later rejected by Senate (1st cabinet appointment so rejected/served as Attorney General & Chief Justice/part of Kitchen Cabinet1833-1834
Treasury Sec under FDR/major role in New Deal & Lend-Lease/namesake plan to strip Germany's industrial production/Germany Is Our Problem (1945)/Pres of Bretton Woods conference1934-1945
Founded US Coast Guard, NY Post newspaper, & Bank of NY/established Bank of United States/1st Sec of Treasury/born in W Indies/went to Columbia U (King's College)1789-1795
Treasury Sec under Nixon/also MIT & U Chicago prof/Sec of Labor, director of OMB (under Nixon)/Sec of State (under Reagan)/opposed Nixon's NEP/co-founded Library Group (became G7)1972-1974
1st Treasury Sec under Obama/pres of the NY Fed/oversaw allocation of TARP funds & bank bailout/AIG bonus scandal2009-2013
DescriptionSecretaryYears Served
2nd Treasury Sec under Obama/director of OMB for Clinton & Obama/advisor to Tip O'Neill2013-2017
Sec of Treasury under Lincoln/printed first US federal currency/put In God We Trust on coins/served as Governor & Senator of OH/became Chief Justice under Lincoln/1861-1864
Progressive who helped finance WW1 under Wilson/closed NYSE for 4 months/married Wilson's daughter/ran railroad system in US/served as CA senator1913-1918
Swiss-American politician, diplomat, ethnologist & linguist/longest serving Treasury Sec under Jefferson & Madison/helped found NYU & American Ethnological Society1801-1814
White House Chief of Staff & Treasury Sec under Reagan/Sec of State under HW Bush/Plaza Accord to depreciate dollar/legal advisor for W Bush in Bush v Gore1985-1988
1st and current Treasury Sec under Trump2017-present

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