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InfoSecretaryYears Served
Secretary of War under T Roosevelt who later became both 27th President & 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court1904-1908
Served in Washington administration 1st as Postmaster General, then briefly as Secretary of War, & finally as Secretary of State1795
Served as Secretary of War for McKinley & T Roosevelt/pres of Carnegie Endowment for Internat'l Peace/won Nobel Peace Prize in 1912/advocated for Panama Canal & Open Door Policy1899-1904
Secretary of War under John Adams/fort in Baltimore named for him1797-1800
Secretary of Defense under George H W Bush1989-1993
More famous as one of the Great Triumvirate in the Senate/served as Secretary of War under Monroe/created the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 18241817-1825
Longest serving Secretary of Defense at 2595 days under John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson1961-1968
1st Secretary of Defense under Trump/44 years in Marine Corps/required congressional waiver to take office/'Mad Dog'2017-present
1st Secretary of Defense/served under Truman1947-1949
Served as Secretary of War twice/1st under Taft and then under FDR during World War 21911-1913 & 1940-1945
3rd Secretary of Defense under Obama2013-2015
1st Secretary of War (under Washington)1789-1795
InfoSecretaryYears Served
Civil War general who served as Secretary of War under Grant for less than 1 year/led March to the Sea1869
1st Secretary of War under Lincoln/Pennsylvania political boss/incompetent administration full of scandal1861-1862
Secretary of Defense under Truman/famous for plan to use US dollars to rebuild Europe and stop spread of Communism1950-1951
Last Secretary of War before position was changed to Secretary of Defense under Truman1947
2nd Secretary of Defense under Obama2011-2013
Secretary of Defense under both Ford and George W Bush/oversaw 2nd Iraq War & Invasion of Afghanistan1975-1977 & 2001-2006
2nd Secretary of Defense under George W Bush/continued for 3 years with Obama2006-2011
2nd and most effective Secretary of War during Civil War under Lincoln/organized manhunt for Lincoln's killer/Johnson's attempt to dismiss him led to Johnson's impeachment1862-1868
Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan1981-1987
Wounded at Battle of Trenton/both Secretary of State & Sec of War under Madison/became 5th President/namesake 'Doctrine' on foreign affairs/helped negotiate Louisiana Purchase1814-1815
4th Secretary of Defense under Obama2015-2017
Secretary of War under Pierce/later became President of the Confederacy1853-1857

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