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Stimulates growth and cell reproductionPeptide
Retains water in the kidneys/constricts blood vesselsPeptide
Produced in pineal gland in animals & regulates sleep & wakefulness (entrainment of Circadian rhythms)/used to treat insomnia/in plants defends against oxidative stressTryptophan derivative
Produces plateletsPeptide
Neurotransmitter that plays role in reward-motivated behavior/dysfunction is related to Parkinson's, ADHD, and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)Catecholamine
Increases blood calcium levels/decreases blood phosphate levelsPeptide
Accelerates growth, accelerates metabolism,reduces muscle mass, increases HDL & lowers LDL cholesterolSteroid
Increases blood volume by reabsorption of sodium in kidneysSteroid
Regulates painPeptide
Active form of vitamin D3, increases absorption of calcium and phosphate form gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, inhibits release of PTHSteroid
Supports pregnancy, inhibits immune response toward embryo, inhibits milk production, anti-inflammatory, prevents endometrial cancer by regulating effects of estrogenSteroid
Stimulation of fat breakdown, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressiveSteroid
Inactive form of vitamin D3Steroid
Milk production and sexual gratification after sexual actsPeptide
Females: stimulates maturation of Graafian follicles in ovary/Males: spermatogenesisPeptide
Neurotransmitter that increases heart rate, bronchodilation (air flow), glycogenolysis/used medically for anaphylaxis, cardiac arrest, asthma, & croupCatecholamine
Modulation and inhibition of action potentials in neuronsPeptide
Release of breast milk and sexual functionPeptide
Monoamine neurotransmitter/5-hydroxytryptamine/90% found in enterochromaffin cells in GI tract/regulates mood, appetite, sleep, & blood clotting/also in fungi, plants, insect venomTryptophan derivative
Growth of muscle mass & bone density, maturation of sex organs, deepening of voice, beard growthSteroid
Inhibits immune response towards human embryoPeptide
Decrease in appetite and increase in metabolismPeptide
Constructs bone/reduces blood calcium levelsPeptide
Intake of glucosePeptide
Stimulates appetitePeptide
Class of endogenous opoid neuropeptides found in animals/inhibits pain & can create feeling of eupohoria/morphine-like substance originating within bodyPeptide
Also called anti-diuretic/hormone (ADH)/retains water in body & constricts blood vessels/also arginine form called AVPPeptide

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