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Agreement between Israel & Egypt signed on 17 Sept 1978 by Begin & Sadat after secret negotiations in US/gave Sinai back to Egypt/witnessed by Pres Carter
15 May 1948-10 March 1949/initial Arab-Israeli conflict fought after Israeli Declaration of Independence/created 700,000 Palestinian refugees/about 700,000 Jews moved to Israel
2 November 1917 letter from Brit Foreign Secretary to Walter Rothschild (Jewish leader) communicating Brit gov't positive position on the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine
National intelligence agency of Israel/intelligence collection, covert ops, & counterterrorism/also brings Jews to Israel from other countries
Overarching military intelligence body of the Israel Defense Forces
Originally referred to movement to re-establish Jewish homeland in Palestine/established as political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl
Year the state of Israel came into being
13 Sept 1993 peace agreement between Israeli Prime Minister Rabin & PLO negotiator Abbas/named for location of secret negotiations/signed in DC
Israel's internal security service (similar to FBI in US or MI6 in UK)/also called Israel Security Service or Shabak
6-25 Oct 1973/also called October War/coalition of Arab states led by Egypt & Syria attacked Sinai & Golan Heights/early Arab victories but badly beaten/led to US-Soviet tensions
Name for military forces of the State of Israel
Name for Israel's parliament, or legislature, located in the capital Jerusalem
5-10 June 1967/also June War/after Egyptian military build-up Israeli airstrikes destroyed Egyptian air force/Syria & Jordan joined/Israel took Sinai, E Jerusalem, & Golan Heights

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