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1878-1923/Mex Revolution leader in North/Governor of Chihuahua/defeated Huerta/served Carranza/then allied w/Zapata against him/chased by Pershing after Battle of Columbus (1916)
Owner of a large estate in Mexico (hacienda)
Military unit mostly made up of US Army deserters that fought for Mexico in Mex-American War/mostly Catholic European immigrants/heroes in Mexico & Ireland/executed at Chapultapec
Liberal constitution drafted by Constituent Congress of Mexico during the presidency of Ignacio Comonfort/freedom of speech, conscience, press, assembly/right to bear arms
1765-1815/Catholic priest/led Mexican War of Independence after death of Hidalgo/strong military leader/installed Congress of Anáhuac/Sentiments of the Nation/executed by Spanish
Viewed by Aztecs as their intellectual & cultural predecessors/history & mythology recorded by Aztecs/capital very similar to Chichén Itzá
1948-present/PRI President of Mexico from 1988-1994/signed NAFTA into law
1782-1831/Afro-mestizo & Filippino general for Mexico/2nd Pres of Mexico/abolished slavery/ousted by VP, captured & executed by govt
Mexican cowboys
Current Constitution of Mexico/approved during Mexican Revolution
Celebration of Mexican Army victory over French invasion forces at Battle of Puebla (1862)/Gen Zaragoza won/French later returned & occupied Mexico City
Locally born people (in New World) of Spanish ancestry in the colonial caste system
Indigenous Indian peoples of Mexico in regions of Oaxaca, Guerrero, & Puebla/took control of Monte Albán from Zapotecs/led by 8-Deer-Jaguar-Claw in 11th century/conquered by Spain
Refers to Spanish-born Spaniard residing in the New World or the Spanish East Indies in the colonial caste system
1806-1872/Zapotec lawyer from Oaxaca/served 5 terms as Pres (1st Indian pres)/resisted French occupation & overthrew 2nd Mexican Empire/restored Republic & modernized nation
1873-1913/Mexican president who challenged Diaz/lost rigged election/led to Mexican Revolution/Pres from 1911-1913 when assassinated by Huerta in coup
Plots of land provided by govt to be farmed communally/expanded greatly under Cardenas presidency (1934)
Founded in 1521 by decree of Charles I of Spain/1st university founded in North America/2nd in Americas behind University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru (also 1521)
Castle built in middle of namesake park in Mexico City/home of Maximilian I & Carlota/captured by US in Mex-American War/military cadets were killed by US troops (Los Niños Héroe
Mesoamerican civilization in Valley of Oaxaca (700BC-1521AD) w/capital at Monte Alban/tonal language
1830-1915/Mexican general/served 7 terms as President/brought stability after chaos/civil repression & economic stagnation/defeated in Mexican Rev by Madero/died in exile in France
1794-1876/called Napoleon of the West/Mexican criollo general & president/attacked Alamo/lost at San Jacinto/defeated in Mex-American War/overthrown in Revolution of Ayutla (1854)
1859-1920/known as the 'Primer Jefe' or 'First Chief' of the Constitutionalists/defeated Huerta in Mexican Revolution
1910-1920/armed struggle that transformed Mexican culture & govt/followed rule of Porfirio Diaz/led to his fall & installation of Francisco Madero as President
1867-1911/period of history when Mexico was ruled by Porfirio Diaz
Mythological history of K'iche' kingdom in W. Guatemala/means Book of the People/creation story, Hero Twins (Hunahpú and Xbalanqué), & genealogies/saved by Spanish friar Ximénez
Mexican holiday based on Pre-Columbian religious rituals celebrating deaths of ancestors
1840-1927/wife of Maximilian I/Belgian princess/went insane after returning to Europe to seek aid
Military-landowner who possessed political power and exercised it in a form considered authoritarian by its adversaries/term for Mexican warlords
Began as religious center about 100 BC/became largest city in Americas until sacked about 550 AD/name is Aztec for 'place where gods were born'/25 mi NE of Mexico City
1731-1761/Maya revolutionary leader/fought Spanish in Yucatan/captured & executed by Spanish/name used as rallying cry in 1847 Caste War
Title of Spanish rulers who exercised authority in colonies on behalf of Spain
1783-1824/general who took Mexico City & achieved Mexican independence (1821)/made Pres & Emperor/designed 1st Mexican flag/known as Augustine of Mexico/made alliance w/Guerrero
Speech by Miguel Hidalgo on September 16, 1810 that began Mexican War of Independence/celebrated as Mexican Independence Day since 1825
1832-1867/only monarch of Second Mexican Empire/younger brother of Austrian Francis Joseph I/offered Mex throne by Napoleon III/defeated & executed by Juarez w/US aid
Mayan city located in Yucatan in Mexico/Puuc-style architecture - Great North Platform (Temple of Warriors, Great Ball Court), Osario Pyramid, Temple of Xtoloc, Caracol, Akab Dzib
Mexican theater of Cold War/internal conflict between Mexican PRI-ruled govt (backed by US) & leftist students and guerrilla groups in 1960's & 70's/brutal repression by govt
Had only fully developed writing system/base 20 number system w/zero/accurate calendar & astronomy/gods constructed man from maize/chief god Hunab Ku
1st major civilization in Mexico located in current Veracruz & Tabasco/1500-400 BC/name means Rubber People in Nahuatl/colossal heads
Last Aztec ruler (1520-21)
Mexican political party founded in 1929 that ruled for 71 years/Nieto is member of this party
24 Feb 1821 proclamation by Iturbide & Guerrero that independent Mexico would be Catholic w/constitutional monarchy & equality between Peninsulares & Creoles/also 3 Guarantees
Language or group of languages of the Uto-Aztecan language family/still spoken by 1.5 million people
Zapotec capital located in Oaxaca, Mexico/founded about 500 BC/interacted w/Teotihuacan/largely abandoned by about 750 AD
Killing of 30 to 300 students & civilians by military & police on October 2, 1968 in Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Mexico City/part of Dirty War/10 days before Olympics
Reigned from 1502-1520/expanded Aztec Empire until conquered by Cortes
Year the Mexican Revolution began
1879-1919/leader of peasant revolution in Morelos in Mex Revolution/defeated Diaz's troops at Battle of Cuautla/beat Huerta/broke w/Carranza/namesake guerrilla soldiers/agrarian
Performed human sacrifices to Huitzilopochtli (god of sun and war)/ruled by uei tlatoani (emperor)/social classes pilli & macehaulli/compulsory education for everyone
1850-1916/Mexican general under Diaz/became officer under Madero/led coup (Ten Tragic Days) which deposed & executed Madero/fled to Europe after 17 months as President/The Jackal
Large estate or plantation with a dwelling house in Mexico
Plant used in Yucatan to produce cordage from fiber/major early Mexican export through WW1
1847-1901/revolt of native Maya people of Yucatán, Mexico against the European-descended population, called Yucatecos
Member or supporter of a Mexican revolutionary force working for social and agrarian reforms/launched a popular uprising in the state of Chiapas in 1994
Maya city state in Chiapas, Mexico/flourished in 7th century/ruins date from 226BC-799AD/smaller than other Maya ruins/great architecture/Temples of the Inscriptions, Cross, Skull
Spanish general sent to Mexico in 1829, eight years after Mexican independence in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to reconquer the country for the Spanish Crown.
17th & 18th-centuries Maya miscellanies/coalescing of Maya & early Spanish traditions/prophecies about coming of Spaniards/Nine Books/Yucatec Maya language w/Latin alphabet
Scale insect crushed to create carmine (bright red) dye/major export from Mexico to Europe during colonial era
1846-1848/armed struggle between Mexico & US/fought over 1845 TX annexation/Gen Winfield Scott captured Mexico City from Veracruz/initial invasion by Gen Zachary Taylor
1810-1821/armed conflict that ended rule of Spain over New Spain/started by Miguel Hidalgo in Cry of Dolores speech/victory under Iturbide
1753-1811/Catholic priest/leader of Mexican War of Independence/Cry of Dolores speech/his 100,000 troops defeated at Battle of Calderón Bridge by 6000 Spaniards/captured & execute
Year Mexico City hosted the Summer Olympics
30 June, 1520/Cortes, army of conquistadors & Indian allies fought their way out of Tenochtitlan after death of Moctezuma/400-800 Spaniards & 2000-4000 Indians killed or captured
Mexican political party founded from PRI members after 1988 voter fraud/social democratics
Most visited Catholic pilgrimage site in the (3rd overall)/image of Virgin Mary in namesake Basilica in Mexico City/built near site where she appeared to Juan Diego
Mexican political party founded in 1939/Vicente Fox became first non-PRI president in 2000 w/this party/conservative party

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