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Forced Order
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Title character & wife Margot big game hunting in Africa w/Wilson/wife shoots him b/c he panicks when charged by lion & sleeps w/Wilson/kills him shooting at buffalo next day
Writing style of Hemingway/also known as 'theory of omission'/focusing on surface elements without explicitly discussing underlying themes
Chronicles 3 generations of Nick Adams's family/Nick driving thru hometown w/son/memories of Nick's childhood & father
Dr hires 3 Native Americans to move logs/one asks where he stole them/Dr gets angry & they leave/Dr's son Nick Adams chooses to go w/his dad
3 Italian soldiers are snowbound/oldest propositions youngest & is rebuffed/has him leave room/other soldier is ambiguous witness
Nick Adams & Bill talk & get drunk at Bill's father's cabin/they talk about authors, baseball, & Nick's breakup/he plans to go talk to her Saturday
Second short story collection exploring bullfighting, infidelity, divorce, and death; included 'Hills Like White Elephants' and 'In Another Country'
Boxer Jack Brennan trains for & boxes with challenger Jimmy Walcott/set in New Jersey & NY/loses fight on foul/could have won same way
Nick Adams & girlfriend Marjorie fish in deserted town Horton's Bay, MI/Nick dumps her and she leaves/Nick yells at Bill when he asks how breakup went
Nick Adams & George go skiing in Switzerland/discuss life at inn afterward/Nick must return to pregnant wife/George must return to school/agree to go skiing again
2 hit men Max & Al enter restaurant seeking to kill Swedish boxer Ole Andreson/he doesn't show/they leave/Nick Adams goes to warn him
Unnamed WW1 soldier falls for nurse Luz in 3 months in hospital/she dumps him for officer/gets gonorrhea during sexual encounter in taxi shortly after
American man & girl at Spanish train station converse while waiting for a train to Madrid/she compares hills to title animals/she is to have operation (implied to be abortion)
Attack on Fascism/near Savona Italy during Mussolini's time/10 days of disappointing weather, unpleasant interactions with the locals, and bad food
2 waiters in cafe discuss old deaf man who is drinking late into night/discussion of his attempted suicide
American couple on vacation in Italy/stuck in hotel b/c of rain/wife shares desire to settle down w/husband who is apathetic/maid arrives w/tortoise-shell cat for her
Young Hungarian magyar communist revolutionary flees Hungarian White Terror to Italy/sees Renaissance paintings/dislikes Mantegna
First short story collection; contains many well-known Nick Adams stories; name taken from Book of Common Prayer
Enrique the dishwasher accidentally kills young Paco who wants to be a bullfighter/set in hotel Calle San Jeronimo/originally title 'The Horns of the Bull'
Joe lives in Italy w/father Butler (jockey)/go to Paris together/wins $$ on horserace/buy race horse Gilferd/Butler killed in riding accident/Joe cries
WW1 ambulance corps member (assumed to be Nick Adams) injured knee & spends day at hospital where they have new machines for healing/talks w/wounded major whose wife died
Nick Adams suffering from traumatic head injury/bicycles thru part of Italy/has dream of long yellow house & stable by river that frightens him/ends far from recovery
9 yr old boy Schatz (Ger. 'darling') has flu/hears Dr tell father he has 102 fever/thinks he'll die b/c he doesn't know difference between Fahr & Celsius/relaxes when learns truth
Jim Gilmore rapes Liz Coates after returning from hunting trip w/DJ Smith & Charlie Wyman/he passes out & she goes home
American couple at hotel in Italy/husband hires drunk Peduzzi to take them fishing/wife bails afraid it's illegal to fish there
Nick Adams' father (country doctor) summoned to title location to deliver baby/does C-section w/jack knife w/Nick's help/father commits suicide during operation
Harold Krebs is young soldier just home from WW1/tormented by experiences there/mother tries to help but fails/sister Helen looks up to him but puts too much pressure on him
3rd & final short story collection/includes A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, A Way You'll Never Be, A Day's Wait, The Gambler, the Nun, and the Radio, & Fathers and Sons
Nick Adams thrown off train for stowing away/meets former champ boxer Ad Francis & friend Bugs/Ad is half crazy from boxing & wife leaving
Harry dying of gangrene on mountain goes thru series of memories/spends time w/wife Helen & dies at end/split narration: reality & dream
2-part story/Nick Adams camps & fishes in Michigan/talks to grasshopper/only 3 spoken parts

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