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Can you name the US Presidents by their previous experiences?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionPresidentBooks by President
Born in OH/23 OH Infantry in Civil War/Antietam/served under Hayes/Albany Law school/county prosecutor/US House Chairman of Ways & Means/OH Governor(none)
Born in OH/OH Central College/owned Marion Star newspaper/state senate/US Senate/fathered daughter w/Nan Britton (mistress)/didn't make enemies/received nomination on 10th ballot(none)
Born in MO/mailroom for Kansas City Star/artillery in WW1/Pendergrast political machine in MO/district judge/US Senate (namesake committee for WW2 prep)/VP under FDRDear Bess/Strictly Personal and Confidential/Letters Home
Born in VA/Princeton, Johns Hopkins/became Pres of Princeton/Governor of NJ/attacked political machinesOn Being Human/Congressional Gov't/The New Freedon/When a Man Comes to Himself/A History of the American People
Born in VT/Amherst College/state house, senate, mayor of Northampton, lieutenant governor, governor/Boston city police strike/VP under Harding/oath administered by fatherAutobiography of ______ _______
Born in NY/Groton, Harvard, Columbia Law/state senate, opposed Tammany Hall/Asst Secretary of Navy/failed VP attempt w/Cox/polio/Governor of NYLooking Forward
Born in OH/Miami U in OH/state reporter for IN Supreme Court/Brig Gen in Civil War/served under Sherman in Atlanta/MS River Commission under Hayes/US Senator(none)
Born in NY/Harvard/NY state rep/Civil Service Commission/NY City Police Board/asst sec of Navy/Rough Riders/Gov of NY/VP under McKinleyThrough the Brazilian Wilderness/African Game Trails/Hunting Trips of a Ranchman/The Naval War of 1812/Governeur Morris (biography)
Born in Iowa/raised Quaker/Stanford/mining engineer/in China during Boxer Rebellion/defended Tianjin/relief work after WW1/Sec of CommerceAmerican Individualism/The Challenge to Liberty/
Born in OH/Yale, U of Cincinnati Law/Solicitor General under B Harrison/Fed Appeals judge/Gov General of Philippines/Sec of War under T Roosevelt/Chief Justice after PresidencyPopular Government; Its Essence, Its Permanence and Its Perils/Ethics in Service/Liberty Under Law
Born in TX/dangerous card player/West Point/aide to Pershing & MacArthur/commanded Operation Torch & D-Day/Supreme Commander AEF/Pres of Columbia UCrusade in Europe

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