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Can you name the US Presidents by their previous experiences?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionPresidentBooks by President
Born in NH/Bowdoin College/friends w/Hawthorne/NH House, US House & Senate/political appointment as Brig General in Mexican War/pro-slavery northerner(none)
Born in VA/spent youth in Louisville/joined army/Indian fighter/Old Rough & Ready/major victories in Mexican-American War(none)
Born in NC/apprenticed to tailor but ran away/state legislator, state senator, US House, Gov of TN, US Senate (only southern Senator not to resign upon seccession)/VP under Lincoln(none)
Born in VT/Union College (Schenectady)/practiced law/quartermaster for NY troops in Civil War/worked w/Conkling in NY/Collector of Port of NY under Grant/fired by Hayes(none)
Born in OH/worked on canal boats, as carpenter, & teacher/Williams College, Eclectic Institute/Disciples of Christ minister/youngest Major-Gen in Civil War/US House minority leader(none)
Born in KY/took flatboat down MS River/general store clerk/served in Black Hawk War/lawyer in IL/US House/famous debates w/Stephen Douglas(none)
Born in PA/last pres born in 1700's/Dickinson College/lawyer/PA House/US House/envoy to Russia under Jackson/US Senate/Sec of State under Polk/envoy to UK under Pierce(none)
Born in OH/called 'Rud' as child/Norwalk Seminary, Kenyon Coll., Harvard Law/8 children/defended R Armistead slavery case/bullet to head in Civil War (Cedar Creek)/US House/OH Gov(none)
Born in OH/West Point/Mexican War/worked as tanner in Galena, IL/took Ft Henry & Donelson in Civil War/commanded at Shiloh & Vicksburg before commanding entire US ArmyPersonal Memoirs of ___?___ (published by Mark Twain/said it was best war memoir since Julius Caesar)
Born in NJ/no college but passed bar/hired sub for Civil War/sheriff of Erie County/mayor of Buffalo/Gov of NY/very hard worker (long hours)Presidential Problems/Good Citizenship
Born in NY/apprenticed to cloth maker/lawyer in NY/NY house, US House/Anti-Masonic then Whig/NY Comptroller(none)

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