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Northwestern Italian city on Arno River & Tyrrhenian Sea/strong Ghibelline support in 1200's/suffered major decline in power in late 1200's/famous leaning tower
Major center of Italian Renaissance/birthplace of Baroque & Neoclassicism/home of Vatican City/current capital of Italy
Italo-Spanish noble family from Valencia/Popes Calixtus III (Alfons) & Alexander VI (Rodrigo)/enemies of Medici & Savanarola/patrons of arts/Cesare & Lucrezia/Banquet of Chestnuts
Italian banking family that ruled Florence/came to prominence under Cosimo/Popes Leo X, Clement VII, & Leo XI/Queens Catherine & Marie of France/began rise to power in wool trade
Southern Italian city & kingdom also called Kingdom of Sicily/constantly fought over by France, Spain, & Holy Roman Empire/Napoleon place his brother on throne in 1806
Capital of Tuscany/ruled by Medici family/home of Savanarola & Machiavelli/Revolt of the Ciompi
Ruling family of the Duchy of Milan (1450-1525)/founded by Muzio Attendolo/acquired it from Visconti family in mid-15th century/lost it to Spanish Habsburgs in mid-1500's
Northwestern Italian port city/home of Columbus/invented denim fabric/home of 2 of the 1st banks in the world/imported Black Death to Europe from Crimean trading post
Italian city on Adige River in northern Italy/setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Northern Italian Duchy ruled by the Visconti & Sforzas during the Renaissance/current capital of Lombardy & most populous city in Italy
Northern Italian city/oligarchical republic & thalassocracy ruled by Doge/situated on 117 small islands linked by canals/Doge's Palace, Bridge of Sighs & Piazza San Marco (St Mark)
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