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Senator from Wisconsin and started second Red Scare. Joseph Nye asked him 'At long last, have you left no sense of decency?'
Precipitated by Soviet blockade of German capital/USA (Operation Vittles) & UK (Operation Plainfare) airlifted food & fuel for 11 months until Soviets lifted blockade1948-1949
Communist revolutionary who overthrew the government of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba/ruled Cuba as Communist state from 1959-20081926-2016
Reform attempt by Dubcek in Czechoslovakia/ended censorship, independent farm co-ops/crushed by Brezhnev & Soviet tanksBegan April,1968
Polish trade union based at Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk/1st union not controlled by Communist party/led by Lech Walesa/included 1/3 of working age population by 19811980-present
Barrier constructed beginning August 13, 1961 that cut off West Berlin from the rest of East Germany/actual demolition began in 19901961-1989
Treaty Between US and USSR largest arms control and reduction treaty in history. Signed by Bush and Gorbachev.Signed on July 31, 1991
Investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives. It was originally created in 1938 to uncover citizens with Nazi ties within the United States.
Botched attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba by 1400 exiled Cubans w/help of CIA & approval of Pres Kennedy
Signed by Obama and President Medvedev to preserve the preexisting treaty.Signed on April 8, 2010
Czech writer & political activist/last pres of Czechoslovakia/1st pres of Czech Republic/The Garden Party/The Memorandum/helped found Charter 77/Civic Forum party1936-2011
CIA U-2 spyplane pilot shot down over Sverdlovsk, USSR (May 1, 1960)/traded along w/Frederic Pryor for KGB Col Wilyam Fisher (Rudolf Abel) (2 Feb 1962)1929-1977
French word meaning release from tension is the name given to a period of improved relations between the United States and the Soviet Union that began in 1971.
From 1972 to 1979, continuation of previous talks, and was first treaty to realistically limit the number of arms that each country could posess. Signed by Carter and Brezhnev.Signed on June 18, 1979
Communist Yugoslav leader/led Partisans in WW2 (most effective resistance movement in Europe)/leader of Non-Aligned Movement/broke from Soviets/ruled from 1943-801892-1980
Talks began in Helsinki in 1969. Limited the number of ICBMs a counrty could posess. Also limited the number of Nuclear subs NATO could have. Signed by Nixon and Brezhnev.Signed on May 26, 1972
Namesake political doctrine which affirmed right of Soviet Union to intervene in affairs of Communist countries to strengthen & protect Communism/response to Prague SpringNovember, 1968
Polish leader of Solidarity union (1st independent union in Soviet Bloc)/pres of Poland (1990-95)/1983 Nobel Peace Prize/famous moustache/electrician at Lenin Shipyard (Gdansk)1943-present
1962 confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union over Jupiter Missles deployed in Turkey and Italy. Soviets made an agreement with Castro to put missles in Cuba. October 16-28, 1962
Communist leader of Romania from 1965-89/brutal rule w/Securitate (secret police)/rigid Stalinist/govt collapsed after army refused to fire on protestors/executed by firing squad1918-1989
Best known Berlin Wall crossing during Cold War/now tourist attraction in Allied Museum in Dahlem neighborhood of Berlin
Accused of being a communist and Soviet Spy by HUAC in 1948. Whittaker Chambers testified in front of HUAC saying that he was a communist, but not a spy. Hid plans in a pumpkin.
Collective defense agreement between USSR & Eastern Bloc nations/created as response to West Germany joining NATO in 19551955-1991
Slovak leader of Czechoslovakia/attempted reform in Prague Spring (1968)/expelled from Comm. Party (1970)/banished to work in timber yard in Bratislava/returned to power in 19891921-1992
Non-violent transition of power from Communism to parliamentary republic in Czechoslovakia/begun by student protests & 2 hr general strike involving all citizensNov-Dec, 1989
Ronald Reagan's proposed laser defense system, never implemented

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