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Can you name the characters from Greek mythology by description?

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Regarded along w/Ajax as best of Achaean warriors after Achilles/founded 10 or more Italian cities/became ruler of Argos after helping overthrow Thebes/vanquished Hector twice
Wife of Cadmus/goddess of harmony and concord/turned into serpent with him/namesake necklace was given to her by gods brought misfortune to all who possessed it
In youth accidentally killed friend in argument over dice/exiled to King Peleus/raised w/Achilles in wilderness by Chiron/killed by Hector wearing Achilles' armor
Hero who after being nursed by Demeter is taught how to farm/he in turn teaches Greeks how/always connected w/Demeter in Eleusinian Mysteries
Youth who served as Heracles companion & lover/was trained by him in war/abducted by water nymphs in Mysia
Switched places w/King Dionysius of Sicily to enjoy benefits of power/Dionysius hung sword over throne by single hair to show danger of power/popularized by Cicero in Tusculanes
Naiad who was chased by Apollo after Eros shot him w/golden arrow to incite love/he shot her w/lead arrow to incite hate/called on her mother to rescue her/turned into laurel tree
Rogue smith & bandit from Attica/would either stretch victims or cut off their legs to make them fit an iron bed/killed by Theseus who make him fit his own bed
Wise man of Troy who was killed after striking the Trojan Horse with a spear in an effort to warn the Trojans/not in Homer/in Aeneid says 'I fear the Greeks even bearing gifts'
Son of Prometheus/survived flood caused by Zeus w/help from Prometheus by building a chest/survived w/wife Pyrrha/repopulated earth by throwing rocks over their shoulders
Argive seer who could interpret flights of birds/prophesied that Agamemnon needed to sacrifice Iphigenia to appease Artemis/foretold length of Trojan War
King of Pylos/became king after Heracles killed his father & siblings/Argonaut/was too old to fight in Trojan War but helped/met Telemachus on his search for Odysseus
Founded Thebes by sowing dragon's teeth/was Phoenician prince/brother of Europa/credited w/introduction of alphabet/turned into serpent with wife Harmonia
Odysseus's dog who recognizes him through his disguise & dies after Odysseus walk by him shedding a tear but ignoring him to maintain disguise
Killed father-in-law over horses/1st kin-slaying in Greek mythology/brought to Olympus by Zeus/lusted for Hera/progenitor of centaurs w/Nephele/fastened to burning, flying wheel
Daughter of Cepheus & Cassiopeia who was stripped & chained to rock as sacrifice to Cetus b/c of Poseidon/rescued by Perseus
Princess of Tyre/founder & 1st queen of Carthage/loved Aeneas but he left her/killed herself but proclaimed endless hatred between Carthage & descendants of Troy
Argonaut who led the hunt of the Calydonian Boar/lover of Atalanta/killed by his mother Althaea when she threw a charmed log into a fire
Aeolian shepherd, hunter, or king/lover of Selene sentenced by Zeus to sleep forever/enabled to sleep w/eyes open by Hypnos
Blind prophet of Apollo in Thebes/famous for clairvoyance & for being transformed into a woman for 7 years/began as advisor to Cadmus
Daughter of Tantalus/7 daughters & 7 sons killed by Artemis & Apollo respectively b/c claimed superiority over Leto/turned to stone on Mt. Sipylus/mourns for them perpetually

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