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Can you name the characters from Greek mythology by description?

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Son of Oedipus who reneged on agreement for alternating year rule/'Seven Against Thebes'
King of Corinth who raised Oedipus as an adopted son
Son of Oedipus banished by his brother who fled to Argos to raise an army/'Seven Against Thebes'
Father of Odysseus
Daughter of Agamemnon whom he sacrificed to appease Artemis
Son of Priam/killed in battle by Achilles/fell for Cressida (in Medieval tales) but lost her when her father defected to Greeks and she ditched him
Wife of Agamemnon/killed him and his concubine upon his return fromTrojan War/was killed by her son in return
Wife of King Priam of Troy/mother of 19/made a slave of Odysseus after the fall of Troy
Wife of Hector whose baby Astyanax was thrown from walls of Troy by Greeks
Step-father of Heracles
Mother of Heracles
Had bow of Heracles/exiled on Lemnos by Greeks on way to Troy for a foot wound (snake bite)/recalled b/c Greeks couldn't win w/out bow/shot & killed Paris in some versions
Brother of Jocasta/uncle slash brother-in-law of Oedipus who ruled Thebes as regent after Oedipus abdicated
Changed into a stag by Artemis after seeing her bathing/then hunted by his own hounds
Shut up in a bronze tower by her father Acrisius of Argos/impregnated by Zeus in the form of golden rain/mother of Perseus
From Medieval & Renaissance Lit/rejected Troilus when her father defected to the Greeks and hooked up with Diomedes
Son of Theseus who was wrongly accused of raping his stepmother Phaedra/killed by Posiedon at the request of Theseus
Had affair with Clytemnestra during Trojan War/conspired with her to kill her husband
Fought Hector for a whole day to a draw/helped Odysseus fight the Trojans to retreive the body of Achilles/kills himself when Achilles armor is given to Odysseus
Father of Priam, son of Ilus/had Apollo & Poseidon build walls around Troy but then refused to reward them/Heracles also put Troy to seige b/c this king didn't reward him
King of Thebes/had been protected by King Pelops but raped and kidnapped his son Chrysippus/biological father of Oedipus by whom he was slain

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