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QUIZ: Can you name the artists and architects by work?

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WorkArtist/ArchitectType of Work/Date
Winter Palace (in St Petersburg) (name any patron) Building/begun 1711
Gates of ParadiseSculpture/1435
Pharos (Lighthouse at Alexandria) (architect)Building/3rd century BC
Nude Descending a Staircase, No 2Painting/1912
St Basil's Cathedral (architect)Building/1555-1561
La Scala (architect) (opera house in Milan)Building/1776-1778
The Hay WainPainting/1821
Dome of the Rock (on Temple Mount in Jerusalem)Building/687-691
Burial of the Count of OrgazPainting/1586
Statue of Zeus at OlympiaSculpture/ca. 435 BC
Campbell's Soup CansPainting/1962
Washington MonumentPainting/1888
Petronas Towers(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)Building/completed 1998
Moses (in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome)Sculpture/1513
La Scala (patron) (opera house in Milan)Building/1776-1778
WorkArtist/ArchitectType of Work/Date
Time TransfixedPainting/1939
Seagram Building (name either architect)Building/1956
Sears TowerBuilding/1973
View of DelftPainting/1660
Melencolia IWoodcut/1514
Washington Crossing the DelawarePainting/1851
Roman Colosseum (patrons)Building/70-82
The Burghers of CalaisSculpture/1888
The Old GuitaristPainting/1903
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes TulpPainting/1632
Pharos (Lighthouse at Alexandria) (patron)Building/3rd century BC
Girl with a Pearl EarringPainting/1665
St Basil's Cathedral (patron)Building/1555-1561
The Potato EatersPainting/1885
Great Sphinx of Giza (probable patron)Building/ca. 2500 BC

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