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WorkArtist/ArchitectType of Work/Date
Christina's WorldPainting/1948
The Gross ClinicPainting/1875
Angkor Wat (patron)Building/12th century
Oath of the HoratiiPainting/1784
The AmbassadorsPainting/1533
I and the VillagePainting/1911
Elgin marblesSculpture/424 BC
Impression: SunrisePainting/1872
Venus de Milo (former mistaken attribution)Sculpture/340 BC
Luncheon on the GrassPainting/1863
Water LilliesPainting/1899
Great Pyramid of Giza (architect)Building/ca. 2570 BC
WorkArtist/ArchitectType of Work/Date
Colossus of RhodesSculpture/292 BC
Palace of Versailles (architects)Building/1669
The Blue BoyPainting/1770
Great Pyramid of Giza (patron)Building/ca. 2570 BC
Palace of Versailles (patron)Building/1669
Venus de Milo (actual sculptor)Sculpture/340 BC
World Trade Center (original)Building/begun 1966
Les Demoiselles d'AvignonPainting/1907
Abu Simbel (patron)Building/1250 BC
The Virgin of the RocksPainting/1483-1486
Garden of Earthly DelightsPainting/1500
Church of the Sagrada FamiliaBuilding/begun 1882...still unfinished
Alhambra (patron)Building/1654
Venus of UrbinoPainting/1538
The Gulf SteamPainting/1899

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