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Forced Order
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Longest reigning King of Great Britain until Victoria/lost American colonies in War/from House of Hanover/had recurrent mental illness as he aged
Leader of the Green Mountain Boys/helped Arnold in capture of Ft Ticonderoga in 1775/one of the founders of the state of Vermont
Brilliant tactician/defeated Brits at Battle of Cowpens/captured in Battle of Quebec (exchanged in 1777)/suppressed Whisky Rebellion (1794) after War
Boston bookseller/self-trained in artillery/brought cannons from Ticonderoga to break Siege of Boston/became 1st Sec of War/established 1st army training school in NJ
US general/distinguished for bravery/captured Ft Ticonderoga/led at Saratoga/angered by lack of promotion/defected to Brits/attempted to give West Point plans/served in Brit army
Political leader of Boston/helped lead Boston Tea Party/served in both Cont Congresses/helped draft Articles of Confederation/argued for Dec of Independence/cousin of John Adams
Boston lawyer defended Brits after Boston Massacre/1st Vice Pres/2nd Pres/diplomat to France/secured loan from Dutch for US/author of MA state constitution/Federalist party
Began War as private/became Washington's best general & 2nd in command/defeated Cornwallis in south/forced him into VA/Battle of Guilford Court House
Polish-Lithuanian military engineer/served in US/fortified West Point & other forts/helped Morgan's Race to the Dan/fought for Polish independence after Revolution
Boston silversmith immortalized by Longfellow in poem for warning minutemen about Brit advance on Lexington & Concord/rolled copper into sheets for naval vessels after War
Connecticut school teacher who served Washington as a spy/captured & hanged after fall of NY (1776)/'I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.'
PA inventor, philosopher, diplomat, scientist/owner of Pennsylvania Gazette/wrote Poor Richard's Almanac/1st US Postmaster General/obtained French help for War
Wrote Common Sense/The American Crisis (13 pamphlets)/Rights of Man/The Age of Reason/Agrarian Justice/involved in French Revolution/rejected by Founders for attacking Christianity
SC officer considered a father of modern guerrilla warfare for irregular methods/credited in lineage of US Army Rangers/known as Swamp Fox/Battles of Black Mingo & Eutaw Springs
VA attorney who gave Give Me Liberty speech/Governor of VA/a leader of Anti-Federalists opposing US Constitution/helped add Bill of Rights to Constitution
Leading Brit general/surrendered at Yorktown/later served as Governor General of India/created namesake Code/Permanent Settlement/in charge of Ireland/helped unite the 2 nations
Name Gilbert du Motier/French aristocrat snuck out of France dressed as a woman//big in French Rev/blocked Cornwallis in at Yorktown/declined dictatorship after July Rev
Prussian born American officer/served as inspector general, major general, & Washington's chief of staff/wrote Blue Book drill manual/trained army at Valley Forge
Scottish captain of Bonhomme Richard/deafeated HMS Serapis off English coast/later became Russian admiral/said 'I have not yet begun to fight'/1 of 2 Fathers of the American Navy
Boston leader who became President of 2nd Continental Congress/large signature on Declaration of Independence/very wealthy/became governor of MA after War
Author of Declaration of Independence & Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions/1st Sec of State/3rd President/governor of VA/wrote Notes on the State of Virginia (1785)

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