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US general/bold commander/received sobriquet due to aggressiveness in battle/after War became top US commander/won Battle of Fallen Timbers against Indian confederacy
PA inventor, philosopher, diplomat, scientist/owner of Pennsylvania Gazette/wrote Poor Richard's Almanac/1st US Postmaster General/obtained French help for War
Lieutenant-General under Frederick the Great of Prussia/commanded Hessian troops at White Plains, Brandywine, Germantown, & Monmouth/very capable commander
Political leader of Boston/helped lead Boston Tea Party/served in both Cont Congresses/helped draft Articles of Confederation/argued for Dec of Independence/cousin of John Adams
Pro-Independence raiders/not a formal military unit/largely tramps & bandits who primarily plundered Brit & Tory supplies & property/also occasionally plundered US supplies
US Major/Washington's spymaster/established & led Culper Spy Ring/critical role in capture of Andre & exposing of Benedict Arnold
Retired Brit officer/served as American general/claimed victory at Saratoga/attempted to discredit Washington in Conway Cabal/badly defeated at Camden
Brilliant tactician/defeated Brits at Battle of Cowpens/captured in Battle of Quebec (exchanged in 1777)/suppressed Whisky Rebellion (1794) after War
American physician/leader of patriot organizations in Boston/oversaw Midnight Ride/commissioned Major General of colonial militia/killed at Bunker Hill fighting as private soldier
US cavalry officer w/colorful nickname/defeated Hessians at Battle of Edgar's Lane/screened infantry in Race to the Dan/worked w/Francis Marion/father of Robert E Lee/VA Governor
US soldier/served as private for entire War/published narrative of experiences/rediscovered in 1950's/valuable to historians/was in Brooklyn, White Plains, Monmouth, Yorktown
African-American slave who served as double agent helping Lafayette in South/pretended to serve Arnold then Cornwallis giving them false info which kept Cornwallis in Yorktown
Spanish military governor of Louisiana & Cuba/defeated Brits at Siege of Pensacola/reconquered Florida for Spain/smuggled supplies to Americans during war
Assigned by Dr Joseph Warren to ride to Lexington to warn Hancock & S Adams that Brits were coming to arrest them/same night as Paul Revere's Rid
Philadelphia physician & political leader/founder of Dickinson College/signer of Declaration/Surgeon General of Continental Army/professor at U of Penn/leader of US Enlightenment
US general/distinguished for bravery/captured Ft Ticonderoga/led at Saratoga/angered by lack of promotion/defected to Brits/attempted to give West Point plans/served in Brit army
1st captain placed in command of US warship under Continental flag/America's 1st commissioned naval officer after war/rank of Commodore received from Washington
Wrote Common Sense/The American Crisis (13 pamphlets)/Rights of Man/The Age of Reason/Agrarian Justice/involved in French Revolution/rejected by Founders for attacking Christianity
Leader of the Green Mountain Boys/helped Arnold in capture of Ft Ticonderoga in 1775/one of the founders of the state of Vermont
Longest reigning King of Great Britain until Victoria/lost American colonies in War/from House of Hanover/had recurrent mental illness as he aged
Boston silversmith immortalized by Longfellow in poem for warning minutemen about Brit advance on Lexington & Concord/rolled copper into sheets for naval vessels after War
VA attorney who gave Give Me Liberty speech/Governor of VA/a leader of Anti-Federalists opposing US Constitution/helped add Bill of Rights to Constitution
Leading Brit general/surrendered at Yorktown/later served as Governor General of India/created namesake Code/Permanent Settlement/in charge of Ireland/helped unite the 2 nations
Name Gilbert du Motier/French aristocrat snuck out of France dressed as a woman//big in French Rev/blocked Cornwallis in at Yorktown/declined dictatorship after July Rev
Early MA patriot/coined phrase 'No taxation without representation'/was a leader of Stamp Act Congress/mental illness in 1760's/killed by lightning strike
Author of Declaration of Independence & Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions/1st Sec of State/3rd President/governor of VA/wrote Notes on the State of Virginia (1785)
US spy ring run by Tallmadge in NY City/reported Brit movements to Washington/subject of book Washington's Secret Six/led to capture of Benedict Arnold & Brit naval signal book
Commander-in-Chief of Brit forces in North America from 1778-1782/failed to reinforce Cornwallis at Yorktown leading to ultimate defeat
Actual name Charles Gravier/French Foreign Minister during American Revolution/initially wanted to help colonists secretly/after Saratoga pushed for formal alliance
US double agent in Revolution/spied for Washington/disseminated false info to Brits/gave Washington intelligence crucial to victory at Trenton
Delegate to Continental Congress/rode 70 mi thru thunderstorm to break tie so DE would vote for independence/wore green scarf to hide facial cancer/Pres of Delaware during War
Admiral of French fleet at Battle of the Chesapeake/won battle/drove of Brit reinforcements from Yorktown leading to surrender
Daughter of US colonel/night ride on 26 April 1777 to alert militia of Brit approach/rode twice Paul Revere's distance/only 16 yrs old/horse named Star
Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1770-1782 during the American Revolution/2nd PM to be forced out by a motion of no confidence as a result of the defeat at Yorktown
King's College student/Hearts of Oak company/aide-de-camp to Washinton/wanted active combat/commanded 3 battalions & took Redoubts 9 & 10 at Yorktown/Federalist Papers
Commander of Hessian troops at Trenton/fought in War of the Austrian Succession & 7 Yrs War/misled by Washington double agent Honeyman/received note about attack but didn't read
Connecticut school teacher who served Washington as a spy/captured & hanged after fall of NY (1776)/'I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.'
US Brig General who became involved w/Gates in namesake Cabal/shot by Washington's friend Gen Cadwallader in duel but lived/served in French army against French Revolution
Connecticut merchant/1st US diplomat to France/worked w/Beaumarchais to equip US Army/near end of war wrote letters advising return to Brits/deemed traitor by many
Slave who served under Marquis de Lafayette. Was a double agent against the British. Gave US info about Benedict Arnold and Lord Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown.
Boston bookseller/self-trained in artillery/brought cannons from Ticonderoga to break Siege of Boston/became 1st Sec of War/established 1st army training school in NJ
Brit major captured as a spy in civilian clothes after receiving plans for surrender of West Point from Benedict Arnold/Nathaniel Greene presided over his execution by hanging
Scottish captain of Bonhomme Richard/deafeated HMS Serapis off English coast/later became Russian admiral/said 'I have not yet begun to fight'/1 of 2 Fathers of the American Navy
Maryland delegate to Continental Congress/1st US Senator from Maryland/only Catholic signer of Declaration & longest to live (died 56 yrs after)
Began War as private/became Washington's best general & 2nd in command/defeated Cornwallis in south/forced him into VA/Battle of Guilford Court House/'Fighting Quaker'
Brit officer & dramatist/author of The Maid of the Oaks & The Heiress/lost Battle of Saratoga/also saw action in 7 Yrs War & Portugal Campaign of 1762
Highest ranking military officer in NW frontier/captured Kaskaskia & Vincennes (Illinois Campaign)/Conqueror of Old NW/younger brother co-leader of Lewis & Clark Expedition
Boston lawyer defended Brits after Boston Massacre/1st Vice Pres/2nd Pres/diplomat to France/secured loan from Dutch for US/author of MA state constitution/Federalist party
Brit general/Commander-in-Chief of Brit forces in N America (1775-1778)/fought at Bunker Hill/captured NY City & Philadelphia/served in War of the Austrian Succession & 7 Yrs War
King of France during American Revolution/sent troops and gave large loans to colonies/bankrupted France/beheaded in French Revolution
Va statesman who 1st put forth motion for American Independence in Cont Congress/Pres of Confederation Congress (1 yr)/VA Senator (1789-92)/Pres pro tempore/
Nickname of Westchester Light Horse Battalion, a Loyalist provincial corps of the British army, commanded by Col. James de Lancey
'Paul Revere of the South'/late night ride to warn Jefferson & VA legislature of approach of Brit cavalry/father of Matthew Jouett (painter from KY)
Actual name Mary Ludwig Hays/believed to have fought at Battle of Monmouth/served water to troops in battle/when her husband collapsed she took his place at loading cannons
Boston leader who became President of 2nd Continental Congress/large signature on Declaration of Independence/very wealthy/became governor of MA after War
Commander-in-Chief of French Expeditionary Force (1780-81) that fought for US against Brits/commanded more troops than Washington/helped trap Cornwallis in Siege of Yorktown
Pole who achieved the rank of Brigadier General in the U.S. Army. One of the fathers of the American Cavalry. One of the Leading members of the Bar Confederation.
Prussian born American officer/served as inspector general, major general, & Washington's chief of staff/wrote Blue Book drill manual/trained army at Valley Forge
Brit general/served alongside Washington in French & Indian War at Battle of Monongahela/Commander-in-Chief of Brit forces in N America (1763-1775)/replaced after Bunker Hill
French author of The Barber of Seville & The Marriage of Figaro/formed Rodrigue Hortalez front company in Spain to smuggle arms to US/worked to influence French to aid US
Nicknamed 'The Honourable'/Whig statesman/opponent of Pitt the Younger/mentored by Edmund Burke/most prominent critic of Lord North & conduct of Brit gov't in American Revolution
Polish-Lithuanian military engineer/served in US/fortified West Point & other forts/helped Morgan's Race to the Dan/fought for Polish independence after Revolution
SC officer considered a father of modern guerrilla warfare for irregular methods/credited in lineage of US Army Rangers/known as Swamp Fox/Battles of Black Mingo & Eutaw Springs
Founding father who financed the Revolution. Chairman of the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety. Chosen as a delegate to 2nd Continental Congress. Served as Superintendent of Finance

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