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Can you name the HCHS/HCMS American Political Parties?

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1790's-1816/also known as First Hamiltonian Party/1st US political party/supported strong national govt, banks, business/Washington, Adams, Hamilton, Jay
1843/NY-based party launched in opposition to immigration/changed name to Native American Party/declined after 1845
1799-1828/party of Jefferson, Madison, Monroe/considered First Party System/opposed Hamilton & Federalists/strongest in South/demanded states' rights/supported yeoman farmers
1860-1861/also Bell-Everett Party/conservative Whigs who wanted to avoid secession over slavery/took no stand whatever on slavery
1828-present/world's oldest active party/modern liberalism & welfare state/Jackson was 1st of 15 US Presidents/running Clinton in 2016
1848-1854/founded in Buffalo, NY/single-issue party/opposed expansion of slavery into western territories/agreed w/Wilmot Proviso/absorbed by Republican Party
2001-present/4th largest current party/promotes environmentalism, nonviolence, social justice, LGBT rights, & anti-racism/running Jill Stein for Pres in 2016
1828-1838/1st 'third party' in US/initially had single issue/split from National Republicans/later merged into Whigs/introduced nominating conventions & adoption of party platforms
1816-late 1820's/Connecticut party formed when state assembly refused college charter to Episcopalians/generally allied w/Democratic-Republicans
1845-1860/originally Native American party/also known as 'Know-Nothings'/anti-Catholic immigrant/ran Fillmore in 1856/riot in Louisville (1855)
1828-1839/SC party started by Calhoun/supported states' rights & VA/KY Resolutions/held states could nullify federal laws/opposed Tariff of Abominations/ran Floyd in 1832 for Pres
1840-1848/earliest abolitionist party/broke from Garrison's American Anti-Slavery Society/viewed Constitution as anti-slavery document/later merged into Free Soil Party
1825-1833/also Anti-Jacksonian Party/referred to as Adams Men during Quincy admin/run by Henry Clay/adopted Clay's American System as platform/nominated Clay for Pres in 1831
1854-present/founded by anti-slavery activists/ran Fremont in 1856/elected 18 US Presidents/American conservatism/running Trump in 2016
1833-1854/central to Second Party System/opposed Jackson democrats/supremacy of Congress over Pres/modernization/economic protectionism/WH Harrison & Tyler as Pres
1971-present/3rd largest currently/founded in opposition to Vietnam War, conscription, & ending gold standard/fiscally conservative, socially liberal/running Gary Johnson in 2016

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