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Can you name the 12 Labors of Heracles?

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This goddess drove Heracles mad which led to him murdering his wife & children
Wife of Heracles slain by him
Heracles prayed to this god for guidance
Heracles was told by the Pythia to serve this king for 12 years/this king ordered him to perform 10 tasks/it became 12 b/c he didn't count 2 of them b/c he had help
1st labor/blocked beast into its own cave & strangled it or shot arrow in its mouth/skinned it with it's own claws
2nd labor/cut heads creature but they grew back/nephew Iolaus helped him/burned stumps or used its venomous blood
3rd labor/supposed to catch animal faster than an arrow/chased it 1 yr/promised to return it to Artemis but Eurystheus wanted it/when he tried to take it from Heracles it escaped
4th labor/Chiron told Heracles to drive this creature into thick snow on its namesake mountain so he could catch it/Eurystheus was scared of it & told him to get rid of it
5th labor/clean title location/over 1000 cattle/not been cleaned in 30 yrs/used rivers to wash out/made deal to get 1/10 of cattle but Augeas later refused/not counted
6th labor/to defeat man-eating birds w/bronze beaks & launchable metallic feathers/Athena gave him rattle made by Hephaestus/used it to scare the birds & then shot them w/arrows
7th labor/capture bovine on island nation of King Minos/snuck up behind & choked it/Eurystheus wanted to sacrifice it to Hera/she didn't want it/released & later caught by Theseus
8th labor/capture horses trained to eat human flesh/killed owner & fed him to the horses
9th labor/to get article of clothing from daughter of Ares/she agreed to give it but Hera convinced her people to attack him/he killed her & took it
10th labor/went to red island of sunset to retrieve bovines/conveyed by Helios' golden chariot/giant Cacus stole some & was killed/Hera sent gadfly to bite them to cause trouble
11th labor/get fruit/caught Old Man of the Sea to find garden/killed Antaeus/got Atlas to get them while he held up the heavens/killed Ladon dragon guardian in some versions
12th labor/captured guardian of gates of underworld/went to Eleusis (or Athens) first to learn Eleusinian Mysteries/guided by Hermes & Athena/also rescued Theseus

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