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DescriptionGreek God
Goddess of marrieage/symbols were cow, lion, & peacock/her chariot was pulled by peacocks
Made all weapons of gods/symbols are hammer, anvil, pair of tongs & quail/made Hermes' helmet, Aphrodite's girdle, Aegis breastplate, Achilles' armor, Helios' chariot
Shot by Cupid w/golden dart to love 1st woman he sees/Cupid shot Daphne w/lead arrow to despise him/Daphne changed into laurel tree by Peneus to save her from him/Bernini sculpture
Caught by Helios w/Aphrodite who told Hephaestus/he made invisible net & caught them/showed them to other gods who mocked them
Only god born from mortal mother (Semele by Zeus)/holds thyrsus (fennel staff tippid w/pine cone)/chariots driven by lions or tigers/attended by drunken Silenus
Helped Orestes kill Clytemnestra in The Eumenides/assigned each person's intelligence according to Aesop/invented wrestling & boxing
Promises to protect Orestes in the Eumenides when Orestes flees to his temple/makes case to Athena who pardons him
Appears to Telemachus as Mentor/helps Odysseus by having Princess Nausicaa help him & disguising him upon return home/instructs Laertes to throw spear & kill Eupeithes to end feud
Killed the Cyclopes in revenge after Zeus killed his son Asclepius/sentenced to year of hard labor as shepherd of Admetus/got him Alcestis as wife/convinced Fates to let him live
Helped Perseus defeat Medusa, Heracles skin Nemean Lion using its own claws, defeat Symphalian Birds, & navigate Underworld
Released the Gigantes, Hecatonchires, and Cyclopes from Tartarus after killing their guard Campe
Daughter of Cronus & Rhea/eldest of Olympian gods/last disgorged by Cronus/goddess of hearth, architecture, domesticity, family, home, & state
God of music, prophecy, healing, sun, plague, poetry/son of Zeus & Leto/born on island of Delos/twin brother of Artemis/even worshiped by Celts
Sworn to perpetual virginity/rejected Poseidon & Apollo as suitors/antithesis to Aphrodite/sometimes not included among 12 Olympian in favor of Dionysus
Chariot was pulled by four golden-horned deer/worshiped as Diana by Romans/temple at Ephesus was one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
Trapped Aphrodite & Ares in invisible net/shamed them in front of other gods
Recieved first offering at every sacrifice in the household/flame from her public hearth (prytaneum) would be carried to every new colony
Intercessor between gods & mortals/trickster/symbols: herma, rooster, tortoise, satchel, winged sandals, winged cap & kerykeion or caduceus (2 snakes wrapped around winged staff)
Turned Actaeon (hunter) into a stag/he was killed by his own (or in some accounts her own) dogs/in some accounts he saw her naked & came after her/in others he was just a stranger
Turned Callisto (her devotee) into a bear after she was raped by Zeus (or Apollo) & conceived Arcas/Zeus placed Callisto the Bear as constellation
Had namesake feather-dart-dropping birds that guarded the Amazon's shrine to him on Black Sea island
Tied Alcmene's legs in knots to prevent her from giving birth to Heracles/later sent 2 serpents to kill him/sought to make his labors more difficult/he shot her in the right breast
Daughter of Zeus & Leto/born on island of Delos/Arcadians believed her to be daughter of Demeter/twin sister of Apollo/she was born 1st/served as mid-wife for his birth
Identified with Erechtheus (archaic king of Athens & founder of Polis)
Stipped of divine authority after rebelling under Hera/forced to build walls of Troy under King Laomedon/sent monster to attack city after no reward was given
Fought w/Hera at Troy/was struck in ears by Hera with her own quiver/fled to Zeus
Favorite place was island of Lemnos/his cult was based there
Forced Agamemnon to sacrifice daughter Iphigenia after he killed her sacred stag/she stole her & substituted a deer/took her to Taurus or made her a companion
God of blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire & volcanoes/son of Zeus & Hera
In some accounts he was the father of Troilus by Hecuba
Wife and sister of Zeus/very jealous & not without reason
Symbols were bow & arrow, kithara (lyre), plectrum, & sword/palm tree was sacred to him as were wolves, dolphins, swans, cicadas, hawks, ravens, crows, snakes, mice, and griffins
Patron of famed Oracle at Delphi/leader of Muses & director of her choir/hymns to this god were called paeans
Contestant in Judgment of Paris/offered him wisdome & skill in war
Patron god of Troy/helped Trojans during war/sent plague upon Greeks after Agamemnon refused to return Chryseis (daughter of his priest)
Hidden from his father by his mother/raised by Gaia, a goat named Amalthea, the nymphs Adamanthea, Cynosura, & Melissa, & a shepherd family
2nd youngest Olympian/son of Zeus & Pleiad Maia/god of transitions & boundaries/messenger of gods/patron of herdsmen, thieves, oratory, wit, poetry, athletics, trade, & roads
Made Hera magical golden throne that wouldn't allow her to rise after she sat/refused to let her go until Dionysus got him drunk
Captured by Aloadae & placed in bronze urn for 13 months/resuced by Hermes after Eriboea told him
Turned Lamia, Queen of Libya, into a monster & killed her children/out of envy Lamia ate other mothers' children/all because Zeus loved her
Associated with Golden Mean & patron of colonists
Defeated Cronus & the Titans in the Titanomachy
DescriptionGreek God
God of grape harvest, wine, ritual madness fertility, theatre, & religious ecstasy/sometimes not included among 12 Olympian in favor of Hestia
Chief center of worship was at Paphos on island of Cyprus
Chief consort was Amphitrite (sea-goddess)/father of Theseus by Aethra/father of Pelias & Neleus by Tyro (disguised as Enipeus)
Alexander the Great prayed to him before Issus/ordered 4-horse chariot thrown into sea as sacrifice
Swallowed Metis as a fly after intercourse to avoid prophecy/had headache while daughter inside him was being armed/had head split open by Hephaestus w/axe or hammer/bore Athena
Daughter of Rhea & Cronus/mother of Persephone by Zeus/worshipped with her at Eleusinian Mysteries (yearly initiations into their cult)/stopped seasons when Hades took Persephone
Sent wild boar to kill Adonis after he boasted he was a better hunter/or killed him in revenge for Aphrodite's killing of Hippolytus
Attacked Athena for revenge when Zeus allowed gods to fight in Trojan War/she overpowered him by striking him with a boulder
Tried & acquitted by other Olympic gods after killing Halirrhothius son of Poseidon at hill in Athens/gave rise to Areopagus (Athenian court location)/Apostle Paul preached there
God of war (especially physical & violent)/son of Zeus & Hera/brother of Athena/father of Phobos, Deimos, Eros, Anteros, Harmonia, & Adrestia by Aphrodite
Drove Glaucus's horses mad at chariot race at funeral of King Pelias/they tore him apart
Sewed into Zeus' thigh as unborn baby when mortal mother Semele died after seeing him in all his glory/in other story is son of Persephone (or Demeter) by Zeus
In some accounts he is the father of Bellerophon by Eurynome
Winner of Judgment of Paris which led to Trojan War/she promised him the most beautiful woman (even though she was already married to Menelaus)
Hated King Pelius of Iolcus b/c he killed Sidero in her temple
Disguised as old woman tried to make Demophon son of King Celeus of Eleusis immortal/instead taught his other son Triptolemus the secrets of agriculture
Rescued Aeneas from Diomedes/helped Paris kill Achilles
Was Zeus' least favorite Olympian god/fought on side of Trojans at Troy
Killed the seven daughters of Niobe after she boasted she was better than Leto/in some stories turned Niobe & last 2 children into stone as they wept
Took Pandora to Epimetheus as wife & gave her lies, seductive words, & dubious character as gifts
Father of water-dragon slain by Cadmus in founding of Thebes
Trapped Typhon under Mt Etna
Tried to prevent Leto from giving birth to Apollo & Artemis/kidnapped Eileithyia (goddess of childbirth) so Leto wouldn't go into labor/gods bribed her w/necklace & she gave in
More affairs than can be numbered including with Aphrodite, Demeter, Eris, Gaia, Leto, Nemesis, Persephone, Selene, Io, Callisto, Danaƫ, Alcmene, Leda, Niobe, Pyrrha, & Europa
Goddess of harvest, agriculture, & fertility of earth/presided over sacred law & cycle of life and death
Father of Heracles, Perseus, Myrmidon, Thebe, the Libyan Sibyl, Pollux, Hellen of Troy, Tantalus, dionysus, Lacedaemon, Megarus, & Corinthus
In the Iliad, this god demanded that Achilles release the corpse of Hector to be buried honorably
Turned Gerana (a queen of Pygmies) into a crane b/c Gerana claimed to be more beautiful than her
Conductor of souls to afterlife/rescued Ares from Otus & Ephialtes/protected Priam when he went to retrieve Hector's body/told Calypso that Zeus ordered her to release Odysseus
Chief god in Corinth & many other Greek cities/2nd most important in Athens/lost competition to be Athens' chief deity to Athena after creating spring w/salty water
Prometheus may have stolen fire from his forge
Hated Paris b/c he didn't choose her as most beautiful goddess/she offered to make him king of Europe & Asia/led to her support of Greeks and hatred of Trojans in Trojan War
Had musical contests with Pan, Marsyas (satyr), & Cinyras (his own son who committed suicide when he lost)
Captured a fine deer or became a doe herself & jumped between Aloadae/got them to throw their spears & kill each other
Symbolized the chaotic, dangerous, & unexpected/as 'liberator' (Eleutherios) freed followers from self-conscious fear or care
Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, & procreation/in Iliad she is daughter of Zeus & Dione/in Theogony she was born when Cronus cut off Uranus' genitals & threw them into the sea
Almost caught Zeus with Io/he turned Io into a white heifer to hide her/she demanded the heifer from him as gift & put in the charge of Argus/Hermes then killed Argus for Zeus
Symbol is poppy (red flower that grows among barley)
Killed Chione after she boasted she was prettier because she made 2 gods (Hermes & Apollo) fall in love with her/in some accounts struck her dumb instead
Mother of Aeneas by Anchises/the Graces by Dionysus/Rhodos by Poseidon/Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia, Adrestia, & the Erotes by Ares
Changed Caeneus into male warrior at her request after raping her
Son of Cronus & Rhea/father of Ares, Hebe, & Hephaestus by Hera
DescriptionGreek God
In the Book of Acts in the Bible, the people believed Barnabus was this god after Paul performed a miracle
Lover (or sister) Enyo (discord) accompanied him in war chariot
Depicted with crippled feet or misshapen/father of lame Argonaut Palimonius
Goddess of hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity, & protector of young girls
In one account she caused Phaeda wife of Theseus to fall in love w/stepson Hippolytus/led to Phaedra's suicide & Hippolytus' death
In some accounts he was conceived by Hera by herself b/c she was angry Zeus bore Athena/thrown off Olympus by Hera b/c of his ugliness & deformity
According to Ovid he raped the beautiful Medusa in Athena's temple after which Athena turned her hair to serpents & made whoever gazed at her turn to stone
Cursed Medusa after she was raped by Poseidon in her temple/struck Tiresias blind after he saw her naked
Symbols are the oak, the bull, the eagle, and the thunderbolt
Name of the stone Rhea wrapped in swaddling clothes and fed to Cronus in place of Zeus/Zeus forced him to throw it up & placed it at Pytho by Mt Parnassus
Chased by Poseidon/thought to escape by turning into a mare/Poseidon caught her by turning into a stallion/became mother of Arion (stallion who could speak) & daughter Despoina
Daughter of Rhea & Cronus/often bears pomegranate in her hand/crowned with a polos
Married to Hephaestus at Zeus' command/lover of Ares, A
Created gift gods gave to man (Pandora & her pithos)
Sometimes represented as androgynous youth/procession (thiasus) made up of wild female followers (maenads) & bearded satyrs
Saved Atalanta after abandoned by her father/Atalanta dedicated the skin of the Calydonian Boar to her after she stuck 1st blood/turned grieving sisters of Meleager into guineafowl
Took Adonis to Underworld to be raised by Persephone after cursing his mother/when he grew up he became her lover/she & Persephone bickered over him
Cursed Cassandra to see the future but have no one believe her after she refused his advances
Killed sons of Queen Niobe of Thebes after she boasted that she was better than Leto because she had more children
Transformed Arachne into a spider after weaving contest because of her arrogance toward the gods
Mother of Ares, Hebe, Hephaestus, & Eileithyia/also in some accounts Eris, Enyo, & Angelos
Struck Tiresias blind after he agreed with Zeus in argument/Zeus couldn't reverse but gave him gift of prophecy
Giant huntsman Orion hunted with her on Crete & was killed either by one of her arrows or by a giant scorpion/only person she is said to have loved
Had or attempted to have romances with Leucothea, Marpessa, Castalia, Coronis, Creusa, Acantha, & Thalia
Covered her face w/mud to disguise herself from Alpheus (river god)/turned boy Sipriotes into a girl after he saw her naked
Was blamed by Hippocrates for certain types of epilepsy
Father of Fates, Persephone, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, the Muses, the Nemean Lion, Hermes
Built automatons of metal to work for him including tripods that walked to & from Olympus/gave Orion his apprentice Cedalion as guide
Cursed Polyphonte who favored virginal life w/Artemis over marriage & children/caused her to have children by a bear (Agrius & Oreius)/were wild cannibals/made birds by Zeus
Killed chthonic dragon Python when only 4 days old
Tricked Semele (mother of Dionysus) into asking Zeus to reveal his true form/his thunder & lightning killed her (and knocked down her tree - JK))
Symbol is the owl/born fully armed from forehead of Zeus/daughter of Metis/Athens is named for her/Parthenon is dedicated to her worship
Not highly valued by Greeks/viewed as model soldier in Sparta
Known as 'Earth-Shaker' & 'tamer of horses'/brother of Zeus/god of sea/in some account Rhea hid him from Cronus in a flock of lambs & fed him a colt instead/carried trident
Had epithet Pallas/goddess of wisdom, craft, & war/calm temperament/virgin patroness of Athens/beat Poseidon to become patron by giving Athens domesticated olive tree
Father of Hippolyta, Queen of Amazons, who possessed magic girdle given to her by him/obtaining girdle was 1 of Heracles' labors
Deer & cypress were sacred to her/usually depicted with bow & arrows/symbols also included hunting dog & moon
Mother of Ploutos by Iasion after she lured him into having intercourse in ploughed furrow in Crete
Raised in a cave and dangled by a rope from a tree so he would be hidden from his father
Married to Aphrodite but had no children with her/conceived Erichthonius after chasing Athena but impregnating Gaia/father of robber Periphetes

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