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E. ColiPositive or Negative?
FirmicutesPositive or Negative?
MycoplasmaPositive or Negative?
SalmonellaPositive or Negative?
Method of staining used to differentiate bacterial species into two large groups/Named after Danish bacteriologist
CyanobacteriaPositive or Negative?
ProteobacteriaPositive or Negative?
Green BacteriaPositive or Negative?
HintAnswerExtra Info
Stains purple after Gram Staining
Stain red or pink after Gram Staining
Do not respond predictably to Gram staining and, therefore, cannot be determined as either gram-positive or gram-negative/On example is Mycobacterium
BacillusPositive or Negative?
ActinobacteriaPositive or Negative?
ClostridiumPositive or Negative?
Polymer of sugar and amino acids/thick in Gram positive and thin in Gram negative

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