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Founded by Childeric (about 457AD)/Salian Frankish dynasty/united France under Clovis I/ended in 751-752 when Pope Zachary deposed Childeric III
Ruled France beginning with Pepin the Short (grandson of Charles Martel) in 751/most famous was Charlemagne/Treaty of Verdun split kingdom under his grandsons/finally ended in 987
Began in 987AD w/rule of Hugh _____/all French monarchs thru Louis-Philippe were descended from him/direct father to son transfer until 1316 (longest in world history)
Cadet branch of Capetians/ruled 1328-1589 from Philip VI to Henry III/100 Years War (1337-1453) over Philip's succession
Cadet branch of Capetians/ruled 1589-1792 from Henry IV to Louis XVI then briefly again after Napoleon/included Louis XIV (the Great) - The Sun King
Overthrow of the French monarchy beginning July 14th, 1789 w/storming of the Bastille/led to execution of Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette during Reign of Terror
Began w/fall of monarchy (Insurrection of 10 August 1792)/lasted until replaced by Napoleon
Ruled French Republic from Sept, 1792-Oct 1795/succeeded Legislative Assembly & founded Republic/universal male suffrage
Created in 1793 under the National Convention/became ruling power of France during Reign of Terror (1793-94) under Robespierre
1794 coup d'état w/in French Revolution against Jacobin leaders of Committee of Public Safety/National Convention voted to execute Robespierre & Louis Saint-Just/named for month
Ruled France under First Republic after fall of Committee of Public Safety (1795-99)/administered collectively by 5 leaders/suppression at home/War of First Coalition
1799 bloodless coup d'état which overthrew the Directory & named Napoleon 1st Consul/considered end of French Revolution by most historians/named for month
Ruled France 1799-1804 after fall of Directory/ruled by Napoleon as authoritarian, autocratic, centralized republican govt/Napoleon did not declare himself head of state
Began w/Napoleon named Emperor of the French by Senate (May 1804)/lasted until abdication 1814/then again after his escape from Elba (until Waterloo)/Napoleonic Wars
Name given to Napoleon's brief reign from his return to Paris after escaping from Elba (March 20, 1815) to 2nd restoration of Louis XVIII after defeat at Waterloo (July 8, 1815)
Period following the fall of Napoleon in 1814 until their fall in 1830/constitutional monarchy but strong conservative reaction & restoration of Catholic influence in politics
26-29 July 1830/overthrow of Bourbon King Charles X/replaced by Louis-Philippe I (Duke of Orléans)/hereditary right replaced by popular sovereignty
Became ruling house of France after the Revolution of 1830 when Louis Philippe was crowned King of the French under a constitutional monarchy/abdicated in 1848 & fled to England
Name given to liberal constitutional monarchy in France under Louis Philippe I ('citizen king') /dominated by wealthy bourgeoisie & former Napoleonic officials (François Guizot)
Also known as the February Revolution/ended Orleans monarchy and replaced it with a republic
Republic established in 1848 with overthrow of Louis Philippe/elected Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte as president/lasted until 1851 when he suspended the elected assembly
Uprising staged by workers (June, 1848) when Second Republic planned to close National Workshops for unemployed/suppressed w/10,000 killed or injured
Imperial regime lasting from 1852-70 under Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (took title of Napoleon III)/overthrown after war w/Prussia & lost at Battle of Sedan
Gov't that replaced Napoleon III/lasted from 1870-1940/continued Franco-Prussian War thru 1871/Chamber of Deputies & Senate/debated but rejected return to monarchism
Radical socialist & revolutionary govt/ruled Paris (March 28-May 28, 1871) after collapse of 2nd Empire/suppressed by French Army during The Bloody Week/influenced Marx
French state headed by Marshall Pétain from 1940-44 during WW2/subserviant to Germany/deported Jews to Germany
1946-58/economic growth/beginning of European integration/began welfare state - social security system, health care/collapsed after Algiers crisis in 1958/weak executive
Political crisis in France during Algerian War of Independence (1954-62)/after a coup in Algiers the army demanded the return of de Gaulle/they even planned to paratroop into Paris
1958-present/began w/return of de Gaulle to political life after May 1958 Crisis/de Gaulle demanded a new constitution w/strong president who would rule for 7-yr periods
Term used to describe 30-year (1945-75) unprecedented growth in the French economy under Marshall Plan/initiated by de Gaulle
Period of history in W Europe from end of Franco-Prussian War thru 3rd Republic/stability in Europe, economic prosperity, scientific innovations/arts flourished esp in Paris

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