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InfoTime PeriodType of Time Period
Begins w/formation of earth/very hot due to volcanism w/partially molten surface/used to be called Pre-Archean/4.6-4 billion years ago/Eon
Term no longer recognized by International Commission on Stratigraphy but still widely in use/Cenozoic period now divided into Paleogene & Neogene periodsPeriod
Diversification of jawed & bony fish/1st life on land-small moss-like vascular plants & small terrestrial arthropods/443.8-419 myaPeriod
Early flowering plants/placental mammals/flying dinosaurs/opening of Atlantic OceanPeriod
Defined by cyclic growth & decay of continental ice sheets driven by Milankovitch cycles/contains Holocene & Pleistocene epochs/2.588 mya to presentPeriod
1st hominins (australophithecines) appeared/Great American Interchange (collision of N & S America)//5.33-2.58 myaEpoch
Early birds & mammals/first dinosaurs/breakup of Pangea beginsPeriod
Formation of crust and layers of earth/4-2.5 billion yrs agoEon
Diversification of amniotes into ancestral groups (mammals, turtles, dinosaurs, archosaurs)/ended w/largest mass extinction in history/between Carboniferous & Mesozoic/298-252 myaPeriod
Ends with extinction of dinosaurs/formation of Rocky MountainsPeriod
Also Lower or Early Carboniferous period/focuses on N American rock strata (marine limestone)/orogeny of Appalachian Mts/358.9 to 323 myaEpoch
Coined by Lyell/1st epoch of Quaternary period/repeated glacial cycles/ends w/last glacial period//2.5 mya to about 11,700 yrs agoEpoch
Geologic time period of several hundred million years/there are 10 defined
Longest Phanerozoic era containing Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, & Permian periods/ended w/largest mass extinction in history/541-252 myaEra
Geologic time period of tens of millions of years/there are 34 defined
Geologic time period of one to one hundred million years/there are 22 defined
Current geologic eon/from appearance of diverse hard-shelled animals/begins w/Cambrian period/plant life 1st appeared/541 mya to presentEon
InfoTime PeriodType of Time Period
Called 'Age of Reptiles/contains Cretaceous, Jurassic, & Triassic periods/252 to 66 myaEra
Began w/Neolithic Revolution (agriculture)/encompasses the growth and impacts of the human species worldwide/about 11,700 years ago to the presentEpoch
Sometimes abbreviated pЄ/largest span of time in earth history/from formation of earth until Cambrian period/precedes Phanerozoic EonSupereon
Geologic time period of half a billion years or more/there are 4
Named for Celtic tribe/significant mass extinction/molluscs & arthropods dominated oceans/485-443.8 myaPeriod
Mammals evolved from small, simple forms into a large group of diverse animals/contains Paleocene, Eocene, & Oligocene epochs/Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum/66-23 mya Period
Named for English locale/1st significant adaptive radiation of land animals/free-sporing vascular plants/seed-bearing plants/Age of Fish/1st ammonite mollusks/419-358.9 myaPeriod
Major coal beds formed/2 periods in N America (MI & PA)/amphibians dominant/large arthropods/highest oxygen content/new plant life/orogeny from formation of Pangaea/358.9-298.9Period
1st Paleozoic period/namesake 'Explosion' of life forms (all in oceans)/1st representatives of all modern animal phyla/1st period w/many fossils/breakup of Pannotia/541-485 myaPeriod
1st kelp forests/1st apes/humans & chimpanzees split/named by Lyell/23-5.3 myaEpoch
Final epoch of Paleogene period/global expansion of grasslands/Grand Coupure extinction event (European fauna replaced by Asian)/39.9-23 myaEpoch
Also Upper or Late Carboniferous period/focuses on N American rock strata/1st amniote eggs/large amphibians/became drier so reptiles spread/323-298.9 myaEpoch
Final Precambrian eon/time just before the proliferation of complex life/transition to oxygenated atmosphere/glaciations (including Snowball Earth)/2500-542 myaEon
Geologic time period of millions of years/there are 99 defined
Early homonids appeared in Africa/connection of N & S America at Panama-led to glaciation in Quaternary period/contains Pliocene & Miocene epochs/23.03-2.58 myaPeriod
Began w/extinction of dinosaurs to present/divided into Tertiary & Quaternary periodsEra

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