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FormulaFunctional GroupExtra Info
R-C3H7Contains 3 carbons
R-SHUsed as odorant in natural gas
CnH(2n-2)Must contain a carbon triple bond
R-CO(OH)Carboxylic Acid
C6H6 ring/colorless highly flammable liquid w/sweet smell/in gasoline/discovered by Faraday/structure identified by Kekulé who claimed to have day-dream of snake eating its tailCompound/not functional group
CnH(2n)Must contain a carbon double bond
R-C4H9Contains 4 carbons
CnHnForms ring structure of unsaturated bonds, lone pairs, or empty orbitals
CH3Contains 1 carbon
FormulaFunctional GroupExtra Info
R-NH2/R2-NH/R3-NDerivatives of ammonia including amino acids (has fishy smell)
Cyclic (ring structure) with formula C6H5/6-carbon ring w/H attached to each carbon and substituent attached to final carbon
CnH(2n+2)All carbon single bonds
R-CO-R'Ketones & Aldehydes
R-CH2CH3Contains 2 carbons
R-CO-R' (specifically when R & R' both contain a carbon)
Non-aromatic compounds in which carbon atoms can form straight chains, branched chains, or non-aromatic (acyclic) rings/can be saturated or unsaturated/are usually flammable
R-COOC-R'These groups have pleasant odors
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