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Can you name the Five Good Emperors of Rome?

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5th of the 5/ruled from 161-180/co-ruled w/Lucius Verus (161-169)/Stoic philosopher wrote Meditations/portrayed in movie Gladiator as assassinated by son Commodus
Who coined the phrase 'Five Good Emperors'
First of the 5/ruled from 96-98 AD/helped expose Pisonian conspiracy in 65 under Nero/declared emperor when Domitian was assassinated/Praetorian Guard revolted in 97/died naturally
3rd of the 5/ruled from 117-138/rebuilt Pantheon, constructed Temple of Venus & Roma and his namesake wall in Britain
4th of the 5/ruled from 138-161/appelation 'Pius' b/c he had Hadrian deified/served as quaestor, praetor, proconsul/legal reforms-accused viewed as innocent until proven guilty
2nd of the 5/ruled from 98-117/presided over greatest military expansion/built namesake Forum, Market, & Column/added Dacia & Armenia

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