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Forced Order
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Chief assistant to the gaffer/not usually on set/deals with the electric truck, rentals, manpower, and other logistics
Adjusts the color of the film via printer lights for greater consistency in the film's colors
Head of the lighting department, responsible for the design of the lighting plan for a production/also credited as chief lighting technician
Initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as fund raising, hiring key personnel, and arranging for distributors
Arranges the casting and performance of stunts, working closely with the director and the 1st AD
Chief of the camera and lighting crew of the film/makes decisions on lighting and framing of shots in conjunction with the film's director
Draftsman, often an architect, who realizes the structures or interior spaces called for by the production designer
Trained lighting and rigging technicians/chief one is called the Key __?__
Foreman of the set dressing crew, often referred to as the 'swing gang'
Supervises physical (not creative) aspects of production including personnel, technology, budget, & scheduling/makes sure filming stays on schedule & w/in budget
Oversees creative aspects of film/controls content, flow of plot, directs performances of actors, selects set location/manages camera position, lighting, soundtrack
Creates the post-sync sound effects for a film/mostly body movements, footsteps or object manipulations/named for early Hollywood sound editor/also called ___?___ walkers

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