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Forced Order
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1st novel/wounded aviator (head injury causes silence & blindness) returns to small GA town after WW1/fiancée has been unfaithful/war widow tries to break engagement to marry him
Lucas Beauchamp is black farmer accused of murdering white man/exonerated thru efforst of black & white teenagers & spinster from important Southern family
Isaac McCaslin hunts Old Ben w/Ben Hogganback and Lion the dog/they kill him but Lion & Sam are killed/Isaac inherits but renounces McCaslin estate
The Southern aristocratic Compson family from Jefferson MS as it declines over a 30 year period
Lucas Beauchamp allows daughter to marry Wilkins b/c he frames him with distillery/Lucas finds gold coin & searches for treasure/black & white sides of McCaslin family
Gail Hightower loses wife and church/Lena Grove searches for her baby's father/part-black Joe Christmas murders white Joanna Burden and is castrated and killed by townspeople
Title character loves Homer Barron, a Northern foreman who takes her on Sunday drives in buggy/upon death townspeople discover she poisoned him & stored corpse in upstairs bedroom
Sartoris family (Jefferson, MS)/Bayard's guilty he survived WW1 (brother died)/crashes car/marries Narcissa/grandpa dies in another car incident/leaves wife & dies in plane crash
Thomas Sutpen buys and builds an estate in Jefferson MS/children are Henry and Judith/Charles Bon wants to marry Judith but discovers he is also Sutpen's son from former marriage
Short story collection (also name of short story)/6 stories about attorney Gavin Stevens (also in Intruder in the Dust)/narrated by nephew/marries Widow Harris
Collection of 7 related pieces of short fiction, sometimes considered a novel/most prominent character is Isaac McCaslin (Uncle Ike)/McCaslin & Beauchamp families
Controversial b/c of rape/Temple Drake (Old Miss student) goes w/Gowan who gets drunk & crashes & Goodwin's house/Popeye rapes her & takes her to Memphis/goes to Paris w/her father
Last novel/Pulitzer (1963)/Lucius Priest comes of age/Boon Hogganbeck steals car, marries prostitute Corrie/Ned McCaslin gets racehorse & wins big, outwits white grandfather
Rider a strong, large negro on McCaslin plantation buries his wife quickly when she dies/kills Birdsong at sawmill for cheating at dice/Isaac & Roth discuss 'spirit buck'
Pulitzer & Nat'l Book Award/Corp Stephan orders troops to disobey orders to make trench attack in WW1/war stops/Generalissimo restarts war & executes Stephan/Christ figure
Isaac McCaslin is hunting w/Roth Edmonds/dark skinned woman w/baby comes to see Roth/Roth has given Ike money to give her to send her away/Ike reflects on sins of McCaslin family
The Bundren family is trying to take their dead mother, Addie, to Jefferson MS for burial/stream of conciousness writing with 15 different narrators
Gavin Stephens is sent by Millie Beauchamp to find her grandson Samuel/he is executed in IL/Gavin brings body back to Yoknapatawpha County for burial/new attitude toward blacks
Part novel & play/Temple Drake (from Sanctuary) married w/child must deal with violent past/history of Yoknapatawpha County/'The past is never dead. It's not even past.'

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