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Title of newpaper started by Hartford Wit Joel Barlow (author of Columbiad, Vision of Columbus, & Hasty Pudding)/also title of American magazine (1924-81) started by HL Mencken
Communist newspaper in USSR/title means 'truth'
Brit periodical/555 editions running from 1711-1712 then again in 1714/Addison & Steele/aimed 'to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality'
Anti-slavery newspaper by Frederick Douglass/ran from 1847-1851/merged w/Gerrit Smith's Liberty Party Paper to form Frederick Douglass' Paper
Anti-slavery newspaper started by William Lloyd Garrison & Isaac Knapp in 1831/terminated in 1865 w/passage of 13th amendment/turned into The Nation magazine
Federalist journal founded by Joseph Dennie/1st important political-literary journal in US/based in Philadelphia/published 1801-12/edited by Nicholas Biddle after Dennie's death
Founded in 1728 by Keimer/purchased in 1729 by Meredith & Ben Franklin/most successful paper in colonies/1st published Join or Die cartoon & 3rd person account of kite experiment
American magazine published intermittently from 1840-1929/initially a Transcendentalist periodical, later Modernist/1st editor Margaret Fuller
US daily paper founded in 1851/won 117 Pulitzers/2nd largest circulation/nicknamed 'The Gray Lady'/regarded as 'newspaper of record'/'All the news that's fit to print' motto
written by Benjamin Franklin
Began in 1857/writers included Emerson, Holmes Sr., Longfellow, Stowe, Whittier, & James Russell Lowell (also 1st editor)/still in print
American anarchist journal founded by Emma Goldman/ran from 1906-1917/Goldman & fellow editor Berkman were found guilty of violating Espionage Act & deported
Founded in 1821/became most widely circulated magazine in US/claimed roots to Franklin's The Pennsylvania Gazette/redesigned in 2013/now published bimonthly
London-based weekly news magazine/50% sales in US/founded by Wilson (1843)/50% owned by Rothschild family/supports free trade, globalization, free immigration, & social liberalism
Oldest national daily newspaper in France (begun 1826)/currently 2nd largest in France
Weekly US news magazine/founded by Luce (1923)/world's largest circulation for news mag/famous Person of the Year & namesake 100 editions yearly
Influential monthly literary magazine edited by Ford Madox Ford in 1924/based in Paris, published in London, only 12 issues/published early extract of Finnegan's Wake
Founded in 1889 by Dow, Jones, & Bergstresser/business-focused English language paper/largest US circulation/derives name from address in Financial District of Lower Manhattan
US-based international paper owned by Gannett Company/founded by Neuharth (1982)/based in McLean, VA/3rd largest US circulation
British daily founded in 1821/broke the News International phone hacking scandal/revealed the NSA PRISM program from info from Edward Snowden

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