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c. 1720-1769/Ottawa chief/organized intertribal resistance movement (tribes from L Superior to south MS) vs British in 1763-64/known as namesake War/tried capture Detroit
1770-1843/named George Gist or Guess in English/Cherokee silversmith who created Cherokee alphabet (syllabary)/widely accepted by Cherokee & led to rapid increase literacy
1585-1622/Patuxet Indian who was twice enslaved by Europeans before returning to America/famous for helping Pilgrims in early days of Plymouth Colony
1829-1909/Apache tribal leader/fought both Mexican & US troops/famous for daring exploits & escapes from 1858-86/surrendered to US troops/became celebrity appearing at fairs
1595-1617/daughter of Powhatan/converted to Christianity, changed name to Rebecca, & married colonist John Rolfe/became celebrity when they traveled to London
1840-1894/Hunkpapa Sioux chief & adopted younger brother of Sitting Bull/saved Indians from route at Little Bighorn & lured Custer into trap/broke w/Sitting Bull after surrender
1887-1953/named Wa-Tho-Huk (Bright Path)/was a Sac and Fox athlete who won gold medals in 1912 for pentathlon & decathlon/also played professional football, baseball, & basketball
1856-1932/also known as Jack Wilson/Northern Paiute religious leader who founded the Ghost Dance movement/name means 'cutter' or 'wood cutter'
1804-38/Seminole leader in Florida (born Billy Powell & raised as a Creek)/led resistance during 2nd Seminole War/captured by deception under flag of truce/died at Ft Moultrie, SC
1662-1676/Wampanoag chief also known as King Philip who led his tribe in King Philip's War against Plymouth Colony/2nd son of Massasoit
1842-1877/Oglala Sioux chief joined Sitting Bull after massacre of Capt Fetterman & Wagon Box Fight/leader at Little Bighorn
1865-1915/Omaha Native American woman widely acknowledged as the first Native American to earn a medical degree/part of temperance movement/campaigned to prevent tuberculosis
1767-1838/leader & warrior of Sauk/fought against US in War of 1812/led band during namesake war in 1832/after capture wrote 1st Native American autobiography published in US
1805-1874/Apache who led an uprising against US govt in 1861 (Battle of Apache Pass)/retreated to Dragoon Mts/negotiated treaty w/Oliver O. Howard/died on reservation
1840-1904/Nez Perce leader who led escape from reservation/pursued by Oliver O Howard on 1170 mile chase (Nez Perce War)/'I will fight no more forever' quote at surrender
unknown-1612/head chief of alliance of Algonquian-speaking tribes near Jamestown
1768-1813/Shawnee leader based out of Indiana/founded namesake confederacy to oppose US/Brit ally in War of 1812 - helped capture Ft Detroit/killed at Battle of the Thames
1822-1909/Oglala Sioux chief successfully led namesake war to stop development of Bozeman Trail from Ft Laramie, WY to Montana gold fields
1742-1807/Mohawk chief who became Christian missionary to Indians and Brit officer in American Revolution/led Indians at Battle of Oriskany/worked for peace after the war
1829-1908/Ponca chief who successfully argued in US District Court in 1879 that Native Americans are 'persons within the meaning of the law' and have the right of habeas corpus
1831-1890/Lakota holy man/had 'prophetic vision' before Little Bighorn/moved to Canada/returned in 1881/performed w/Buffalo Bill/killed b/c of fears he would join Ghost Dance
Skilled & charismatic leader/follower of the Great Peacemaker/co-founder of Iroquois Confederacy/imoortalized in namesake 'song' by Longfellow
1788-1812/Lemhi Shoshone Indian (wife of Charbonneau) who helped Lewis & Clark
Referred to as Deganawida/converted Hiawatha and was primary impetus in founding of Iroquois Confederacy in 12th century
1581-1661/name means 'Great Sachem'/Wampanoag sachem (leader) who maintained peace w/Plymouth colony after being nursed back to health by E. Winslow/worked w/Bradford & Standish
1771-1836/Shawnee leader/brother of Tecumseh/actual name was Lalawethika/took name of Tenskwatawa/had visions used by Tecumseh to unite tribes/defeated at Battle of Tippecanoe

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