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Double slit experiment where light source illuminates a plate pierced by two parallel plates that showed light behaves as both a particle and wave (wave-particle duality)
Used bacteroiphages with radioactive Phosphorus to label DNA and radioactive Sulfur to label proteins/Bacteriophages infected cells and only phosphorus appeared/DNA carried genes
Directed beam of electrons at piece of nickel & to observe electrons bouncing off/accidently discovered electron diffraction/confirmed De Broglie hypothesis & wave-particle duality
Used namesake pendulum to demonstrate Coriolis effect and rotation of earth
Thought experiment in which a cat may be both alive and dead used to interpret quantum mechanics
Demonstrated that the spatial orientation of angular momentum is quantized/Atomic-scale systems have intrinsically quantum properties
Disproved the theory of luminiferous aether as a carrier of light
Also known as Geiger-Marsden experiments since they worked under direction of _____________/determined the existence of nucleus of the atom, named proton
Used a torsion balance to determine the density of earth which led to calculation of gravitational constant (G = 6.67 E-11) and mass of earth
Electrostatics experiment that demonstrated effect of electrostatic induction on a conducting container/Know as Ice Pail experiment/Showed principles of electromagnetic shielding
Demonstrated that penicillin kills bacteria on moldy bread
Oil drop experiment to determine the charge of an electron and its occurance as quanta (whole units)
Discovered electron using cathode ray tubes/invented mass spectrometer
Modified Michelson-Morley procedure to test special relativity/Showed c to be independent of velocity of apparatus/Verified Time Dilation and Length Contraction
Used 4 starins of bacteria that was a stepping stone in determining that DNA was genetic carrier
E Coli carrying strands of DNA with heavy nitrogen/heavy nitrogen was found in both new strand and parent strand proving replication was semiconservative
Experiment that stimulated the conditions of early earth/Used CH4, NH3, H2, and H2O/ Produced over 20 amino acids

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