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US Army soldier who defected to North Korea from 1965 to 2004 after deserting his unit/wrote married Japanese captive/returned to US via Japan in 2004/wrote The Reluctant Communist
Russian pilot who defected by flying his MiG-25 from Chuguyevka, Primorsky Krai to Hakodate Hokkaido, Japan
Defected to USSR via Finland in 1959/assassinated John F Kennedy in 1963
Russian ballet dancer who defected to UK in 1970 in London/danced w/Baryshnikov on BBC's Arena
Russian choreographer who defected to West during tour of Weimar Germany in 1924
Czech film director who defected to US from Czechoslovakia during Soviet invasion b/c of Prague Spring in 1968/directed One Flew Over the Cuckoos's Nest
1912-1988/Soviet double agent/worked as high-ranking member of Brit intelligence until 1963 defection/member of Cambridge Five spy ring/
Russian ballet dancer who defected to Canada in 1974 in Toronto/helped by American friend Christina Berlin/danced w/Makarova on BBC's Arena
Czech tennis star who defected to US during 1975 US Open
US Army soldier captured by Taliban & released on prisoner exchange/faces potential court-martial for desertion b/c AWOL when captured/trial set for Feb 2017
2 star Romanian general & advisor Ceausescu defected to US embassy in Bonn, W Germany in 1978/$2 million bounty/Carlos the Jackal was sent to kill him/worked for CIA
Morganfield KY native/1 of 6 American soldiers who defected to North Korea after Korean War/married Lebanese woman/had 3 sons/died about 1998/detailed in Crossing the Line film
Russian ballet dancer who defected to West in 1961 at Le Bourgete airport in Paris/aided by socialite Clara Saint & French police
East German soldier who at 19 yrs old jumped from top of Berlin wall on its 3rd day of construction to defect to West Berlin/iconic photograph by Peter Leibing of him jumping (1961

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