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twice convicted of tax evasion/sent to Alcatraz in 1961, only person to be bailed out of Alcatraz (Earl Warren signed his bond)/heavy armored car at Southward Car Museum
George Francis Barnes, Jr. is real name/gangster in Memphis during Prohibition/kidnapped oil tycoon Charles Urschel/inmate #117 at Alcatraz/trial was 1st to use film cameras
Depression-era gangster/ran 'Terror Gang'/robbed 24 banks & 4 police stations/escaped jail twice/shot & killed at Biograph Theater/1st Public Enemy Number One by J Edgar Hoover
Known as Milwaukee Cannibal/committed rape, murder, & dismemberment of 17 boys & men from 1978-1991/beaten to death in prison in 1994 by inmate Christopher Scarver
Pro football player 'The Juice'/arrested for 1994 murders of wife Nicole & Ronald Goldman/acquitted but lost civil case for $33.5 million/2007 arrest for armed robbery & kidnapping
American woman tried & acquitted for 1892 axe murders of her father & stepmother in Fall River, MA
Depression-era gangster couple & gang/robbed several banks, gas stations, & small stores/killed 9 or more police officers/killed near Sailes, LA at 23 & 25 yrs old in 1934
German-born American carpenter/abducted & murdered 20-month-old son of Charles Lindbergh in 1932/called Crime of the Century/wanted $50,000 in ransom/executed in NJ in 1936
Name given to unidentified serial killer in Whitechapel district of East End London in 1888/also called Leather Apron/5 definite victims/prostitutes w/internal organs removed
Bank robber in US Midwest & South Central US in 1930's/killed by police in shootout
founded the Chicago Outfit/mentored Al Capone/created the idea of a National Crime Syndicate/advisor to the Genovese crime family
Jewish-American couple that gave US nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union in the 1940's enabling them to develop atomic weapons/executed in 1953 for conspiracy to commit espionage
Known as Killer Clown/ b/c of charity work as Pogo the Clown/sexually assaulted & murdered 33 teenage boys & young men from 1972-78 in Cook County, IL
Old West scout who worked as hired gun, Pinkerton, detective, cowboy, & soldier/believed to have killed 17/executed for killing 14 yr old Willie Nickel in WY
Born Henry McCarty/alias William H Bonney/killed 8 men including Sheriff William Brady/joined Regulators in Lincoln County War/killed by Pat Garrett
Anarchist & math prodigy/began Harvard at 16/lived in remote cabin w/no electricity/mailed or hand-delivered several bombs/wrote Industrial Society and Its Future
Began in NY/part of Chicago Outfit/bodyguard for Johnny Torrio/bootlegging operation during Prohibition/St Valentine's Day Massacre/prosecuted for tax evasion/Cell 181 at Alcatraz
Bank & train robber from Missouri/served as Confederate guerrillas during Civil War/accused of taking part in Centralia Massacre/killed by Robert Ford gang member who wanted reward
former lobbyist/Indian Lobbying Scandal/he and Michael Scanlon overcharged clients and orchestrated lobbying against their clients/Rep Bob Ney implicated in deals with him
Perp in the June 17, 2015 Charleston Church shooting. White Supremacist, killed nine including SC state senator Clementa C. Pickney.
Ran North Side Gang in Prohibition-era Chicago/was target of Capone's St Valentine's Day Massacre but was not present/died at Leavenworth Prison in Kansas
Australian bushranger, gang leader & police murderer/wore suit of homemade bulletproof armor in final shootout w/police/captured & hanged
Former non-executive chairman of NASDAQ/perpetrated largest financial fraud in history ($18 billion)/Ponzi scheme thru namesake securities company/150 yr prison term
Shooter at Aurora, Colorado theater in 2012. Killed twelve and injured 70. Received twelve life sentences.
Led namesake Family/had 9 people killed (1969) including actress Sharon Tate (wife of Polanski)/believed in apocalyptic race war Helter Skelter (Beatles song)
Leader of Branch Davidian cult in Waco, TX/attempted arrest led to 1993 raid by FBI under orders from Attorney General Janet Reno/79 died in fire including leader
Carried out Oklahoma City bombing w/aid of Terry Nichols in 1995/Gulf War veteran/wanted revenge against govt for its handling of Waco Incidenct and Ruby Ridge
Italian con artist/promised clients major profit by buying discounted postal reply coupons in other countries & redeeming them in US at face value/namesake scheme
Leader of Peoples Temple in CA/set up compound in Guyana called Jonestown/gunned down CA Congressman who visited him/killed self & 303 followers w/cyanide poisoning
Bank robber who helped Dillinger escape from Crown Point, IN jail/killed more FBI agents in line of duty (3) than any other person/fatally shot by agents in Battle of Barrington
Shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 Dec 2012 in Connecticut/killed 20 first graders, six educators and his mother
Con man who's cons included a 'money-printing machine' & printing counterfeit money/sold the Eiffel Tower twice to scrap metal companies
Serial killer & necrophiliac/in early 1970's had bright future w/Washington State Republican party/murdered over 50 women/2 at FL State sorority house & 12-year-old Kimberly Leach

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