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Cave discovered in 1991 in southern France near Marseille/entrance is currently underwater/access through 175 meter tunnel w/entrance 37 meters below sea level
Known as 'the prehistoric Sistine Chapel'/ discovered on September 12, 1940 by four teenagers in southwestern France
Cave in southern France discovered in 1994/walls decorated w/fossilized remains of many animals/preserved footprints of humans & animals
Cave in northwest Bulgaria/stone paintings in bat guano/dancing women, hunting men, Solar calendar
Discovered by Maria de Santuola in 1879 in northern Spain/best evidence of Magdalénian culture in southern Europe/such high quality authenticity was doubted for several years
Discovered in 1901 in SW France by school teacher Denis Peyrony/frieze of 5 bison discovered in 1966/over 200 polychrome paintings

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