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Uses magnetic properties of atomic nuclei to determine properties of atoms & molecules/most often used to investigate organic molecules/Purcell & Bloch won 1952 Nobel Prize in Chem
Technique used to determine unknown concentration of an identified analyte (acid or base) by neutralizing it w/the opposite of a known concentration/also known as titrimetry
Method to separate compounds based on their relative solubilities in 2 different immiscible liquids (usually H2O & an organic solvent)/perfumes, veg oils, biodiesel creation
Process of separating component substances from a liquid mixture by selective vaporization and condensation/used with crude oil, separation of air, & for fermented beverages
Technique used to purify solids based on their different solubilities/mix chemicals in saturated solution, then cool until precipitate forms
Visual experiment to identify an unknown metal or metalloid based on its emission spectrum when heated/Wire Loop, Wooden Splint, or Cotton Swab Methods
Technique that helps identify amount & type of chemicals in a sample by measuring mass-to-charge ratio & abundance of gas-phase ions/has ion source, mass analyzer, & detector
Used to derive heat transfer/founded by Joseph Black (Scottish)/can be done w/styrofoam cup or complex electronics/ice-version by Lavoisier & Laplace (1782-83)
Set of laboratory techniques for separation of mixtures/constituents travel at different speeds & separate/mobile & stationary phases/1st used by Tsvet in 1900
Type of spectroscopy that uses light w/wavelength less than visible light/graphs absorbance vs frequency in cm^-1/Badger's rule applies to some results of this method

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