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1939 neutrality pact between Nazis & USSR/officially Treaty of Non-aggression between Germany & the USSR/secret protocol about spheres of influence in E Europe/broken 1941 by Nazis
5-6 Sept 1972/kidnap & murder of 11 Israeli athletes during Summer Olympics by Black September (Palestinian terrorist group)/wanted 234 Palestinian prisoners released/failed rescue
June 30-July 2 1934/also Operation Hummingbird/Nazi purge carried out under Hitler by Goring & Himmler's SS against Rohm & SA/Rohm & many leftist Nazi leaders killed
Original paramilitary wing of Nazi Party/provided protection for Nazi rallies/violent assaults on opposing parties (esp Communists)/nearly eliminated in Night of the Long Knives
Served in Royal Navy & RAF in WW1/reigned during WW2 & breakup of Empire/portrayed by Colin Firth in 2010 film The King's Speech
1929 plan that replaced Dawes plan to settle German reparations for WW1/reduced payments by 20%
Nationalist Jewish movement for creation of a Jewish state in historic (biblical) land of Israel/modern movement founded by Herzl in 1896 pamphlet The Jew's State (Der Judenstaat)
Pope from 1939-1958/during WW2/criticized for public silence & inaction about fate of Jews under Nazis
1981-95/longest serving French pres/led Socialist Party/nationalized industry but reversed in economic crisis/served under Vichy & Resistance in WW2/initially Catholic nationalist
1936-2011/Czech writer & political activist/last pres of Czechoslovakia/1st pres of Czech Republic/The Garden Party/The Memorandum/helped found Charter 77/Civic Forum party
1925 autobiographical manifesto by Hitler/written while imprisoned for Beer Hall Putsch/heavily antisemitic Nazi philosophy/mentioned Henry Ford in favorable way
1914-23/systematic extermination & expulsion of 1.5 million Armenians in Ottoman Empire/death marches to Syrian desert/Turkey still denies it was genocide
1917 declaration of Brit govt/announced support for creation of 'national home for the Jewish people' in Palestine/named for Brit Foreign Secretary in letter to Lord Rothschild
24-29 April 1916/Irish rebellion against Brit rule/failed w/16 leaders executed/built support for independence/organized by Irish Republican Brotherhood/Pearse & Connolly leaders
8-9 Nov 1923/failed coup by Hitler & Ludendorff/attempted to seize power in Munich, Bavaria/Hitler arrested & wrote Mein Kampf in prison/led Hitler to seek power by legal means
1956 attack on Egypt by Britain, France & Israel to regain Western control of Suez Canal & remove Egyptian Pres Nasser/withdrew under pressure from US, USSR, & UN
Left-wing Irish political party/founded in 1905 by Arthur Griffith/many members involved in Easter Rising/currently 1 of 2 largest Irish political parties
Treaty between newly formed USSR & Germany during WW1 (1918)
30 Jan 1972/also called Bogside Massacre/Brit soldiers in Derry, Northern Ireland shot 28 unarmed civilians during protest march/investigated by Widgery Tribunal & Saville Inquiry
1962-65/called by Pope John XXIII/use of vernacular in Mass/disuse of ornate clerical regalia/Mass w/officiant facing people/liturgical changes/disliked by traditionalists
Serbian Yugoslav leader/studied law at Belgrade U/became Communist there/called Butcher of the Balkans/tried by International Court of Justice/died in prison
Pope from 1922-1939/resolved Lateran Treaty w/Mussolini in 1929 which settled the 'Roman Question'
Eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II/serves as Prince of Wales (longest-serving in that role)/married Princess Diana in 1981/married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005
1924 plan that successfully resolved issue of WW1 German reparations/provided for end to Allied occupation & staggered repayment plan/namesake won 1925 Nobel Peace Prize
King of UK from January-December 1936/abdicated to marry American Wallis Simpson (twice divorced)/became Duke of Windsor, governor of Bahamas, retired in France
1929 treaty between Mussolini & Pope Pius XI/made Vatican City an independent country within Italy/ended 'Roman Question'
Slovak leader of Czechoslovakia/attempted reform in Prague Spring (1968)/expelled from Comm. Party (1970)/banished to work in timber yard in Bratislava/returned to power in 1989
Literally 'protection squadron'/main Nazi paramilitary group/led by Himmler/branches enforced racial policy, ran concentration camps, & fought in military (Waffen)
Marxist revolutionary/initially Menshevik/Bolshevik just before Oct Rev/Commisar for Foreign Affairs & of Military & Naval Affairs/opposed Stalin/exiled then assassinated in Mexico
1939-40 war between USSR & Finland/Soviet invasion in early WW2/led to USSR expulsion from League of Nations/poor Red Army performance encouraged Hitler to invade Russia
1860-1904/Austro-Hungarian Jew/father of modern Zionism/promoted Jewish immigration to Palestine/advocated for Jewish state/mentioned in Israeli Declaration of Independence
Precipitated by Soviet blockade of German capital/USA (Operation Vittles) & UK (Operation Plainfare) airlifted food & fuel for 11 months until Soviets lifted blockade
International organization founded in 1923 to facilitate worldwide police cooperation/based in Lyon, France/focused on terrorism, cybercrime & organized crime
1936-75/Spanish dictator/initially conservative monarchist/helped start Spanish Civil War w/coup vs Popular Front govt/won Spanish CW w/help from Germany, Italy/adopted Falangism
1936-39/unit of Nazi German army & air force sent to help Franco (Nationalists) during Spanish Civil War/carried out bombing of Guernica

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