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April-June 1982 conflict between UK & Argentina over namesake islands/Argentina under Galtieri invaded/defeated by Brits/Reagan supported UK effort
1918-33 govt of Germany established after WW1/was constitutional republic/had major issues w/hyperinflation & political extremism/wiped out by Hitler seizure of power
Born in Georgia/studied to become priest/edited Pravda/1st Premier of USSR/'Socialism in One Country'/5 Yr Plans/Great Purge/led USSR thru WW2/led to deaths of millions
1968 reform attempt by Dubcek in Czechoslovakia/ended censorship, independent farm co-ops/crushed by Brezhnev & Soviet tanks
Pope from 1978-2005/Polish Karol Wojtyla/worked to end Communism in Europe/canonized after purportedly healing French nun from Parkinson's disease
Deadliest pandemic in history/fall 1918 to summer 1919/killed more people than WW1/killed 20-50 million world-wide
Barrier constructed beginning August 13, 1961 that cut off West Berlin from the rest of East Germany/actual demolition began in 1990
Began on Women's Day in March 1917 in Petrograd/won when joined by Russian Army/Nicholas II abdicated/replaced by Prince Lvov/leaderless & unplanned revolution
Conservative & 1st Brit female PM (1979-90)/Iron Lady/Lockerbie bombing/privatization of industry/Falklands War/Cold War ally of Reagan/Community Charge/ended Winter of Discontent
Irish paramilitary organization/wanted elimination of Brit control of Northern Ireland/used terror attacks in 70's & 80's/ceased violent action in 1997
Polish leader of Solidarity union (1st independent union in Soviet Bloc)/pres of Poland (1990-95)/1983 Nobel Peace Prize/famous mustache/electrician at Lenin Shipyard (Gdansk)
9-10 Nov 1938/also called Night of Broken Glass/pogrom against Jew by Nazis/Jewish homes, businesses, synagogues demolished/30,000 Jewish men arrested & sent to concentration camps
International summer games that took place in Germany under Adolf Hitler/filmed by Leni Riefenstahl (Olympia)/African American Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in track & field events
Soviet leader directly after Stalin (1953-64)/Secret Speech denouncing Stalin's policies/supported Soviet space program/Cuban Missile Crisis/died 1971
1989 non-violent transition of power from Communism to parliamentary republic in Czechoslovakia/begun by student protests & 2 hr general strike involving all citizens
French Pres 1959-69/leader of Free French in WW2/founded 5th Republic in 1958 w/strong presidency/gave Appeal of 18 June in WW2/
German political party founded in 1920 as the National Socialist German Workers' Party/slogan was One People, One Nation, One Leader/led by Adolf Hitler
Began with overthrow of provisional govt in Petrograd/created Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic/technically occurred in November (Gregorian calendar)/led by Bolsheviks
1945-46 military trials held by Allies in Germany/tried Nazi leaders for war crimes/1st mention of genocide in intl law/10 executed/SCOTUS justice Robert H Jackson was prosecutor
Nazi propaganda term for annexation of Austria (12 March 1938)
Line of concrete fortifications in NE France along German border in 1930's/proposed by Joffre/opposed by de Gaulle & others who wanted to invest in tanks & aircraft
Brit PM during WW2 (1940-1945, 1951-1955)/Mau Mau Uprising/Korean War/World War 2/won Nobel Prize in Literature
1992 treaty that established the European Union
1936-39 Spanish conflict/rebels (Nationalists) led by Francisco Franco overthrew 2nd Spanish Republic/Nazis & Italians supported Franco/USSR & Mexico supported govt
Queen of 16 of 53 members of Commonwealth of Nations/has been Queen since 1952/surpassed Victoria on Sept 9, 2015 as longest reigning British monarch/house of Windsor
Official Nazi secret police/created by Goring in 1933/later brought under Himmler's SS
1917-1922/senior figure in Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in St Petersburg/Siberia for 3 yrs/fled to W Europe/led Bolsheviks vs Mensheviks/embalmed on display in Red Square
1928 international agreement to outlaw war/authored by US Sec of State & French foreign minister/titled General Treaty for Renunciation of War as an Instrument of National Policy
Political-economic union of 28 member nations (currently) founded in 1993 out of European Economic Community/uses Euro as currency/source of Brexit movement in UK/based in Brussels
1947-91 period of geopolitical tension between USSR & USA & allies/involved containment strategy/proxy wars in Korea, Vietnam & 3rd World nations globally/ended w/collapse of USSR
Conservative Brit PM (1937-1940)/Munich agreement with Hitler/Peace in Our Time/criticized for policy of appeasement toward Hitler
1923-38/founder & president of Republic of Turkey/defeated Allies after WW1 & abolished Ottoman Empire/created secular nationalist nation/modernized & industrialized Turkey
1986/Soviet nuclear power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine/reactor 4 exploded during safety test releasing fallout into atmosphere/31 immediate deaths/level 7 event/cost 18 billion rubles
1888-1918/last German Emperor/eldest grandchild of Queen Victoria of UK/fired Bismarck in 1890/started 'New Course' for militarized Germany/abdicated at conclusion of WW1

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