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Queen of 16 of 53 members of Commonwealth of Nations/has been Queen since 1952/surpassed Victoria on Sept 9, 2015 as longest reigning British monarch/house of Windsor
1936-39 Spanish conflict/rebels (Nationalists) led by Francisco Franco overthrew 2nd Spanish Republic/Nazis & Italians supported Franco/USSR & Mexico supported govt
1954-62 war between France & Algerian colony/military stalemate which led to Algerian independence & French 5th Republic/900,000 Algerian refugees fled to France
Brit PM during WW2 (1940-1945, 1951-1955)/Mau Mau Uprising/Korean War/World War 2/won Nobel Prize in Literature
System of pillboxes & strong points on west German frontier/from Kleve to Weil am Rhein/ opposite French Maginot Line/called Westwall/used in 1944 when retreating from US invasion
Pope from 1939-1958/during WW2/criticized for public silence & inaction about fate of Jews under Nazis
1952-60/war in British Kenya colony/KLFA vs Brit colonists/rebels led by Dedan Kimathi/Kepenguria Six were imprisoned/rebellion suppressed but led to independence in 1963
King of UK from January-December 1936/abdicated to marry American Wallis Simpson (twice divorced)/became Duke of Windsor, governor of Bahamas, retired in France
First artificial earth satellite/launched by USSR on 4 Oct 1957/orbited almost 3 months/led to Space Race w/US/was 23 inch metal sphere w/antennas/name means traveling companion
Barrier constructed beginning August 13, 1961 that cut off West Berlin from the rest of East Germany/actual demolition began in 1990
Left-wing Irish political party/founded in 1905 by Arthur Griffith/many members involved in Easter Rising/currently 1 of 2 largest Irish political parties
1956 attack on Egypt by Britain, France & Israel to regain Western control of Suez Canal & remove Egyptian Pres Nasser/withdrew under pressure from US, USSR, & UN
1981-95/longest serving French pres/led Socialist Party/nationalized industry but reversed in economic crisis/served under Vichy & Resistance in WW2/initially Catholic nationalist
1888-1918/last German Emperor/eldest grandchild of Queen Victoria of UK/fired Bismarck in 1890/started 'New Course' for militarized Germany/abdicated at conclusion of WW1
Judicial organ of the United Nations/founded 1945/comprised of 15 judges/located in Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands/only principal UN organ not located in New York City
Soviet leader directly after Stalin (1953-64)/Secret Speech denouncing Stalin's policies/supported Soviet space program/Cuban Missile Crisis/died 1971
1986/Soviet nuclear power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine/reactor 4 exploded during safety test releasing fallout into atmosphere/31 immediate deaths/level 7 event/cost 18 billion rubles
Final West German Chancellor (1982-90)/after fall of Berlin Wall oversaw German reunification/Chancellor of unified Germany (1990-98)/leader along w/Mitterand of push to form EU
Pope from 1922-1939/resolved Lateran Treaty w/Mussolini in 1929 which settled the 'Roman Question'
1992 treaty that established the European Union
Regional European organization founded by Treaty of Rome in 1957 to bring economic integration among member nations/renamed European Community in 1993 upon formation of EU
April-June 1982 conflict between UK & Argentina over namesake islands/Argentina under Galtieri invaded/defeated by Brits/Reagan supported UK effort
Pope from 1978-2005/Polish Karol Wojtyla/worked to end Communism in Europe/canonized after purportedly healing French nun from Parkinson's disease
Literally 'protection squadron'/main Nazi paramilitary group/led by Himmler/branches enforced racial policy, ran concentration camps, & fought in military (Waffen)
1968 reform attempt by Dubcek in Czechoslovakia/ended censorship, independent farm co-ops/crushed by Brezhnev & Soviet tanks
1929 plan that replaced Dawes plan to settle German reparations for WW1/reduced payments by 20%
King of Spain (1975-2014)/chosen by Franco as successor/began transition to democracy/abdicated to son Felipe VI in 2014/grandson of Alphonso XIII
1995-2007/conservative Pres of France/Mayor of Paris (1977-1995)/support dirigism (heavy state direction of economy)/found guilty of diverting public funds in 2011/prison for 2 yrs
24-29 April 1916/Irish rebellion against Brit rule/failed w/16 leaders executed/built support for independence/organized by Irish Republican Brotherhood/Pearse & Connolly leaders
Treaty between newly formed USSR & Germany during WW1 (1918)
9-10 Nov 1938/also called Night of Broken Glass/pogrom against Jew by Nazis/Jewish homes, businesses, synagogues demolished/30,000 Jewish men arrested & sent to concentration camps
Official Nazi secret police/created by Goring in 1933/later brought under Himmler's SS
1936-2011/Czech writer & political activist/last pres of Czechoslovakia/1st pres of Czech Republic/The Garden Party/The Memorandum/helped found Charter 77/Civic Forum party
Eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II/serves as Prince of Wales (longest-serving in that role)/married Princess Diana in 1981/married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005
Began on Women's Day in March 1917 in Petrograd/won when joined by Russian Army/Nicholas II abdicated/replaced by Prince Lvov/leaderless & unplanned revolution
1936-75/Spanish dictator/initially conservative monarchist/helped start Spanish Civil War w/coup vs Popular Front govt/won Spanish CW w/help from Germany, Italy/adopted Falangism
Born in Georgia/studied to become priest/edited Pravda/1st Premier of USSR/'Socialism in One Country'/5 Yr Plans/Great Purge/led USSR thru WW2/led to deaths of millions
1962-65/called by Pope John XXIII/use of vernacular in Mass/disuse of ornate clerical regalia/Mass w/officiant facing people/liturgical changes/disliked by traditionalists
Nationalist Jewish movement for creation of a Jewish state in historic (biblical) land of Israel/modern movement founded by Herzl in 1896 pamphlet The Jew's State (Der Judenstaat)
International summer games that took place in Germany under Adolf Hitler/filmed by Leni Riefenstahl (Olympia)/African American Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in track & field events
1924 plan that successfully resolved issue of WW1 German reparations/provided for end to Allied occupation & staggered repayment plan/namesake won 1925 Nobel Peace Prize
1929 treaty between Mussolini & Pope Pius XI/made Vatican City an independent country within Italy/ended 'Roman Question'
Original paramilitary wing of Nazi Party/provided protection for Nazi rallies/violent assaults on opposing parties (esp Communists)/nearly eliminated in Night of the Long Knives
1989 non-violent transition of power from Communism to parliamentary republic in Czechoslovakia/begun by student protests & 2 hr general strike involving all citizens
1917-1922/senior figure in Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in St Petersburg/Siberia for 3 yrs/fled to W Europe/led Bolsheviks vs Mensheviks/embalmed on display in Red Square
Conservative & 1st Brit female PM (1979-90)/Iron Lady/Lockerbie bombing/privatization of industry/Falklands War/Cold War ally of Reagan/Community Charge/ended Winter of Discontent
Turkish invasion of this nation in 1974 after Greek-supported coup/Operation Attila by Turks defeated ethnic Greeks/led to establishment of Green Line that split nation in two
Nazi propaganda term for annexation of Austria (12 March 1938)
French Pres 1959-69/leader of Free French in WW2/founded 5th Republic in 1958 w/strong presidency/gave Appeal of 18 June in WW2/
30 Jan 1972/also called Bogside Massacre/Brit soldiers in Derry, Northern Ireland shot 28 unarmed civilians during protest march/investigated by Widgery Tribunal & Saville Inquiry
June 30-July 2 1934/also Operation Hummingbird/Nazi purge carried out under Hitler by Goring & Himmler's SS against Rohm & SA/Rohm & many leftist Nazi leaders killed
First wife of Prince Charles of UK (1981)/they separated in 1992/divorced in 1996/died in car crash w/partner Egyptian Dodi Fayed in Paris tunnel in 1997
Polish leader of Solidarity union (1st independent union in Soviet Bloc)/pres of Poland (1990-95)/1983 Nobel Peace Prize/famous mustache/electrician at Lenin Shipyard (Gdansk)
Deadliest pandemic in history/fall 1918 to summer 1919/killed more people than WW1/killed 20-50 million world-wide
1918-33 govt of Germany established after WW1/was constitutional republic/had major issues w/hyperinflation & political extremism/wiped out by Hitler seizure of power
1917 declaration of Brit govt/announced support for creation of 'national home for the Jewish people' in Palestine/named for Brit Foreign Secretary in letter to Lord Rothschild
Served in Royal Navy & RAF in WW1/reigned during WW2 & breakup of Empire/portrayed by Colin Firth in 2010 film The King's Speech
PM of Kenya (1963-64) & 1st Pres (1964-78)/transformed Kenya from Brit colony to independent nation/led KANU party/falsely accused of planning Mau-Mau Uprising & imprisoned
Political-economic union of 28 member nations (currently) founded in 1993 out of European Economic Community/uses Euro as currency/source of Brexit movement in UK/based in Brussels
Slovak leader of Czechoslovakia/attempted reform in Prague Spring (1968)/expelled from Comm. Party (1970)/banished to work in timber yard in Bratislava/returned to power in 1989
International organization founded in 1923 to facilitate worldwide police cooperation/based in Lyon, France/focused on terrorism, cybercrime & organized crime
Precipitated by Soviet blockade of German capital/USA (Operation Vittles) & UK (Operation Plainfare) airlifted food & fuel for 11 months until Soviets lifted blockade
Irish paramilitary organization/wanted elimination of Brit control of Northern Ireland/used terror attacks in 70's & 80's/ceased violent action in 1997
1947-91 period of geopolitical tension between USSR & USA & allies/involved containment strategy/proxy wars in Korea, Vietnam & 3rd World nations globally/ended w/collapse of USSR
Began with overthrow of provisional govt in Petrograd/created Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic/technically occurred in November (Gregorian calendar)/led by Bolsheviks
1939 neutrality pact between Nazis & USSR/officially Treaty of Non-aggression between Germany & the USSR/secret protocol about spheres of influence in E Europe/broken 1941 by Nazis
Conservative Brit PM (1937-1940)/Munich agreement with Hitler/Peace in Our Time
1914-23/systematic extermination & expulsion of 1.5 million Armenians in Ottoman Empire/death marches to Syrian desert
8-9 Nov 1923/failed coup by Hitler & Ludendorff/attempted to seize power in Munich, Bavaria/Hitler arrested & wrote Mein Kampf in prison/led Hitler to seek power by legal means
5-6 Sept 1972/kidnap & murder of 11 Israeli athletes during Summer Olympics by Black September (Palestinian terrorist group)/wanted 234 Palestinian prisoners released/failed rescue
1928 international agreement to outlaw war/authored by US Sec of State & French foreign minister/titled General Treaty for Renunciation of War as an Instrument of National Policy
1939-40 war between USSR & Finland/Soviet invasion in early WW2/led to USSR expulsion from League of Nations/poor Red Army performance encouraged Hitler to invade Russia
Brit polymath/coined 'eugenics' & 'nature vs nurture'/1st weather map/method for using fingerprints by police/Hereditary Genius/created correlation in statistics & psychometrics
1925 autobiographical manifesto by Hitler/written while imprisoned for Beer Hall Putsch/heavily antisemitic Nazi philosophy/mentioned Henry Ford in favorable way
1923-38/founder & president of Republic of Turkey/defeated Allies after WW1 & abolished Ottoman Empire/created secular nationalist nation/modernized & industrialized Turkey
1936-39/unit of Nazi German army & air force sent to help Franco (Nationalists) during Spanish Civil War/carried out bombing of Guernica
German political party founded in 1920 as the National Socialist German Workers' Party/slogan was One People, One Nation, One Leader/led by Adolf Hitler
Chancellor of West Germany (1969-74)/leader of Social Democratic Party/won 1971 Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to unite European nations/tried to reconcile w/Eastern bloc nations
1860-1904/Austro-Hungarian Jew/father of modern Zionism/promoted Jewish immigration to Palestine/advocated for Jewish state/mentioned in Israeli Declaration of Independence
Marxist revolutionary/initially Menshevik/Bolshevik just before Oct Rev/Commisar for Foreign Affairs & of Military & Naval Affairs/opposed Stalin/exiled then assassinated in Mexico
1945-46 military trials held by Allies in Germany/tried Nazi leaders for war crimes/1st mention of genocide in intl law/10 executed/SCOTUS justice Robert H Jackson was prosecutor
Author of 1988 novel/used magic realism/based on life of Mohammad/focused on verses from Quran referring to pagan deities/Ayatollah Khomeini issued fatwa calling for his death
Grandson of Victoria/served in Royal Navy/Parliament Act of 1911 (supremacy to House of Commons)/changed name of royal house in 1917 b/c of anti-German sentiment from WW1
1st Chancellor of West Germany (1949-63)/co-founder of Christian Democratic Union party/close relations w/US, France & UK/achieved democracy & economic development
8 April 1904 agreement between France & UK/ended nearly 1000 yrs of intermittent conflict/negotiated by Cambon & Lansdowne/gave Egypt to UK & Morocco to France
King of Spain (1886-1931)/called The African/lost support b/c of his support of dictator PM Rivera/overthrown by 1931 plebiscite abolishing monarchy
Serbian Yugoslav leader/studied law at Belgrade U/became Communist there/called Butcher of the Balkans/tried by International Court of Justice/died in prison
Official paramilitary wing of Mussolini's National Fascist Party/called Squadrismo/model for Hitler's SA/became increasingly violent as Mussolini gained power
Line of concrete fortifications in NE France along German border in 1930's/proposed by Joffre/opposed by de Gaulle & others who wanted to invest in tanks & aircraft
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