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1839-42 & 1856-60/two wars fought between UK and China to force China to allow Brit drug trade
1879/war between UK & tribal African kingdom in S Africa/Battles of Isandlwana & Rorke's Drift
1st King of united Italy (1861-78) since 6th century/called Father of the Fatherland/initially King of Sardinia/son of Maria Theresa of Austria
Colonization of Africa by European powers/part of New Imperialism/Africa went from 10% controlled to 90% controlled between 1870-1914/only Ethiopia, Liberia, & Dervish state free
Russian Tsar 1855-1881/assassinated by People's Will/freed serfs (1861)/reformed judicial system/abolished capital punishment/zemstvo system/sold Alaska to US/League of 3 Emperors
Foreign minister & chancellor of Austria (1809-1848)/arranged Napoleon's marriage to Austrian archduchess/leader at Congress of Vienna
1801-1825/1st Russian King of Poland & Grand Duke of Finland/Tsar during Napoleonic Wars/small naval war w/Britain (1807-12)/formed Holy Alliance (1815) w/Austria & Prussia
2 Dec 1805/also called Battle of the 3 Emperors/Napoleons greatest victory/defeated larger Russian & Austrian army in area of Czech Republic/ended War of the Third Coalition
18 June 1815/Napoleon defeated by Wellington & Blucher in his final battle in Belgium/Hougoumont chateau was attacked/Marshall Ney took Le Haye Sainte in wild cavalry charge
Movement led in UK by Wilberforce, Josiah Wedgewood, Thomas Clarkson, & Equiano/slave trade was outlawed in 1807/slavery itself was outlawed in 1833
1819 protest in St Peter's Field, Manchester demanding reform of Parliamentary representation led by Henry Hunt/ended w/cavalry charge/15 deaths/led to Six Acts crackdown
1818-83/German philosopher who wrote Das Kapital & co-wrote The Communist Manifesto w/Engels/was influenced by Comte & Hegel/defined all life in terms of class struggle
1812-15 conflict between US & Britain/included Battles of Lake Erie, the Thames, Lundy's Lane, & New Orleans/Washington DC was burned/called Mr Madison's War
1894/French Jewish army captain wrongfully convicted of treason/sentenced to life on Devil's Island/Zola's open letter 'J'Accuse' defended him/Georges Picquart found real culprit
1821-30 conflict between Greeks under Ypsilantis & Ottoman Empire under Mahmud II/secret Filiki Eteria group launched revolt/Russia, UK, & France aided Greece w/naval support late
(1807-1882)/called Hero of Two Worlds & Gran Chico Fornido/Italian Risorgimento/unification of Italy/led Expedition of the Thousand/fought in Brazil & Uruguay/led Redshirts
PM of UK from 1828-1830, 1834/first Irish PM/Catholic Emancipation Bill (fought a duel over this)/defeated Napoleon at Waterloo/actual name was Arthur Wellesley
1884-85 conference/also Congo Conference/organized by Bismarck/regulated European colonialism & trade in Africa/coincided w/rise of German power/height of Scramble for Africa
1871-90/Minister President of Prussia/worked for unification of Germany/realpolitic/Kulturkampf/'Iron Chancellor'
14 July 1870 message from Prussian King to Bismarck reporting demands of French ambassador/edited by Bismarck & released to make French feel insulted/led to Franco-Prussian War
Ruled 1814-1824/'the desired'/became king after overthrow of Napoleon/brother of Louis XVI/constitutional monarch under Charter if 1814/died childless
1857-58 uprising against Brit East India Co in India/began in Meerut b/c of rifle cartridges greased w/animal fat/led to dissolution of East India Co/replaced by British Raj
Volunteer force that served under Garibaldi in southern Italy during Expedition of the Thousand (1860)/named for clothing they wore b/c they couldn't afford full uniforms
Waterway constructed from 1859-69 in Egypt (ruled by Sa'id then Isma'il Pasha) under leadership of Ferdinand de Lesseps/1st controlled by France, then UK
1803-1815/series of conflicts formed of various coalitions resulting in French takover of most of Europe/collapsed empire after disaster in Russia/final end at Waterloo
1810-1821/armed conflict that ended rule of Spain over New Spain/started by Miguel Hidalgo in Cry of Dolores speech/victory under Iturbide
King of Belgium (1865-1909)/longest reigning/founder & sole owner of Congo Free State (current DRC)/used Force Publique to exploit natives & make fortune/horrible atrocities
1853-56/UK, France, Ottoman Empire, Sardinia vs Russia/Balaclava, Sevastopol battles/Florence Nightingale/Charge of the Light Brigade
1820-95/German philosopher who wrote The Condition of the Working Class in England/partnered with Marx to write the Communist Manifesto/supported Marx w/capitalist father's money
26-29 July 1830/overthrow of Bourbon King Charles X/replaced by Louis-Philippe I (Duke of Orléans)/hereditary right replaced by popular sovereignty
1880-81 & 1899-1902/two wars fought between UK & 2 Dutch states in South Africa (Transvaal & Orange Free State)/became part of Brit South Africa
1898 conflict between US & Spain/sinking of USS Maine led to intervention in Cuban War of Independence/US acquired Spanish possessions of Puerto Rico, Guam, & Philippine
Queen of UK (1831-1901)/Empress of India/married Prince Albert/Bedchamber Crisis/Kensington System/mentored by PM Melbourne/longest reign at time/called Grandmother of Europe
Name given to Napoleon's brief reign from his return to Paris after escaping from Elba (March 20, 1815) to 2nd restoration of Louis XVIII after defeat at Waterloo (July 8, 1815)
Ruled France (1804-1814, 1815)/Italian & Egyptian campaigns/First Consul in 1799/emperor in 1804/Russian invasion
1814-15 conference of European states led by Metternich to settle peace plan after fall of Napoleon/sought to create permanent balance of power/Prussia, Russia, Austria gained land
1870-71/2nd French Empire under Napoleon III vs German confederation led by Prussia/Bismarck rewrote Ems dispatch to begin war so he could unify Germany
16-19 Oct 1813/also called Battle of the Nations/Russia, Prussia, Austria & Sweden under Tsar Alexander I defeated Napoleon in Saxony/led Napoleon to abdicate in 1814

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