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23 June 1757 battle/Brit East India Company under Clive defeated Nawab of Bengal & French allies/ended Carnatic Wars/opened way for Brits to conquer all India
Legislative body in France until 1789, representing the three estates of the realm (i.e., the clergy, the nobility, and the commons
Treaty that ended the War of the Austrian Succession (1748)
General name of overthrow of the French monarchy beginning July 14th, 1789 w/storming of the Bastille/led to execution of Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette during Reign of Terror
French lawyer & politician/arrested & executed in 1794 after Thermidorian reaction/nicknamed 'the incorruptible'/member of Estates-General & Jacobin club/Committe of Public Safety
1712-78/French philosopher from Geneva/author of Discourse on Inequality, The Social Contract, Emile, Confessions/popular among Jacobins during French Revolution
Prince-elector of Hanover/given British throne upon death of Queen Anne as closest Protestant relative (51st in line of succession)/first PM Walpole
Bourbon French king (1643-1715)/said 'L'etat c'est moi' (I am the state) & 'Apres moi, le deluge' (After me, the flood)/War of Spanish Succession/revoked Edict of Nantes in 1685
Treaty that ended the War of Spanish Succession (1713)
1701 Act of Parliament/said no Catholic could become monarch of England/caused the crown to go to George I of Hanover (51st in line of succession) upon death of Queen Anne in 1714
Only female Habsburg ruler (1740-80)/daughter of Charles VI/subject of Pragmatic Sanction of 1713/lost Silesia to Prussia in War of the Austrian Succession/hated Jews & Protestants
Physician & scientist/radical journalist during Revolution/called for September Massacres/periodical Friend of the People tied to Jacobins/murdered by Charlotte Corday in bath tub
1701-14/war over partitioning of Habsburg empire of Charles II/Louis XIV of France wanted grandson on throne of Spain/France vs Holy Roman Empire, UK/Treaty of Utrecht
King of France executed under the Reign of Terror
2 acts/one by the English Parliament (1706) & the other by the Scottish (1707)/united Scotland & England into Great Britain w/single combined Parliament/took effect on 1 May 1707
1773-75/rebellion led by man claiming to be Tsar Peter III/supported by Old Believers, Cossacks, & serfs/major victory at Battle of Kazan (1774)/crushed by Gen Michelsohn
Period of Revolution from mid-1793 to end of July, 1794/nearly 17,000 death sentences/ended w/Thermidorian Reaction & fall of Robespierre
King of Great Britain (1760-1820)/mental illness in later years/7 Years War/American Revolution/longest reign of any Brit monarch at that time
1760's-mid 1800's/transition to new manufacturing processes in Europe & US/introduction of mechanized factories, chemical manufacture, steam power/began in textile industry in UK
1740-48/war over Maria Theresa's claims to the Habsburg realms/included King George's War & War of Jenkin's Ear/ended w/Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle/Maria got part
1682-1696-1725/Co-ruled w/brother Ivan V for 14 yrs/attempted to modernize Russia/forced nobles to shave beards/Grand Embassy to W Europe in 1697/won Great Northern War
Oath taken by members of the National Assembly after being locked out of by King/vowed to not separate until constitution of kingdom was established
Political club during the Revolution named for Dominican convent where they met/led by Robespierre/allied with sans-cullottes/dominated Committee of Public Safety
1754-63/UK & Prussia, Russia vs France, Austria, Spain, Sweden/French & Indian War in Americas/Frederick the Great of Prussia
1702-13/North American theater of the War of the Spanish Succession/primarily fought in Spanish Florida & French Canada/England received Acadia, Hudson Bay, & Newfoundland
Daughter of Maria Theresa/Queen of France from 1774-1792/Diamond Necklace Incident/said 'let them eat cake'/executed in Reign of Terror
Queen of England then Great Britain after Acts of Union (1707)/daughter of James II/War of the Spanish Succession/17 pregnancies, 5 children all died in childhood
1713 edict by Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI to ensure Habsburg territories would go to his daughter Maria Theresa/defied ancient Salic law/led to War of the Austrian Succession
1723-90/Scottish philosopher & economist/wrote The Theory of Moral Sentiments & The Wealth of Nations/advocated lassez-faire economics & the Invisible Hand
Ruled Russia (1762-1796)/German princess became tsarina/husband Peter III assassinated/annexed Crimea/Potemkin was a favorite/supported Diderot & enlightenment until French Rev.
Created in 1793 under the National Convention/became ruling power of France during Reign of Terror (1793-94) under Robespierre
1739-48 conflict/Brits vs Spanish/Spanish coast guard cut off namesake's ear after boarding his ship/absorbed into War of the Austrian Succession/fought in GA & Caribbean Sea
1700-21/Russian-led coalition under Peter the Great vs Swedish coalition under Charles XII/Swedes defeated at Battle of Poltava (1709)/Russia became dominant Baltic power
Prussian king (1740-1786)/3rd Hohenzollern king/1st Partition of Poland/enlightened absolutism/tactical military genius/had 6 horses shot from under him in battle

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