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1688-1766/son of James II of England/called The Old Pretender/claimed throne in 1701 but was excluded by Act of Settlement/attempted to take by force in Jacobite Rising of 1715
Oath taken by members of the National Assembly after being locked out of by King/vowed to not separate until constitution of kingdom was established
1721-1742/1st British Prime Minister/served under George I & II/longest serving/leadership called Robinocracy/father of author Horace Walpole (The Castle of Otranto)
1773-75/rebellion led by man claiming to be Tsar Peter III/supported by Old Believers, Cossacks, & serfs/major victory at Battle of Kazan (1774)/crushed by Gen Michelsohn
King of Great Britain (1760-1820)/mental illness in later years/7 Years War/American Revolution/longest reign of any Brit monarch at that time
1701-14/war over partitioning of Habsburg empire of Charles II/Louis XIV of France wanted grandson on throne of Spain/France vs Holy Roman Empire, UK/Treaty of Utrecht
1702-13/North American theater of the War of the Spanish Succession/primarily fought in Spanish Florida & French Canada/England received Acadia, Hudson Bay, & Newfoundland
1789 document passed by National Constituent Assembly/influenced by Thomas Jefferson/partly written & introduced by Lafayette/also included in constitutions of 4th & 5th Republics
1745-97/also known as Gustavus Vassa/Nigerian abolitionist & former slave/wrote The Interesting Narrative of the Life of ___ ___/had major influence on Brit abolitionists
Treaty that ended the War of the Austrian Succession (1748)
13 August 1704 battle/brilliant victory by Duke of Marlborough/captured French Marshall Tallard/turned course of war from French to Allies/held Grand Alliance together
1772 political event orchestrated by Frederick the Great to avoid war between Austria & Russia/ended existence of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
1713 edict by Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI to ensure Habsburg territories would go to his daughter Maria Theresa/defied ancient Salic law/led to War of the Austrian Succession
Bourbon French king (1643-1715)/said 'L'etat c'est moi' (I am the state) & 'Apres moi, le deluge' (After me, the flood)/War of Spanish Succession/revoked Edict of Nantes in 1685
1701 Act of Parliament/said no Catholic could become monarch of England/caused the crown to go to George I of Hanover (51st in line of succession) upon death of Queen Anne in 1714
1694-1778/French philosopher/hated Catholic Church/advocated freedom of speech & religion/author of Candide, The Age of Louis XIV, Henriade, The Maid of Orleans, Micromegas
1768-74 war between Catherine the Great of Russia & the Ottoman Empire under Mustapha III/major Russian victories increased Russian influence in Europe (esp Poland)
1713-84/Spanish Franciscan priest/founded missions in San Diego & San Francisco/called Apostle of California
23 June 1757 battle/Brit East India Company under Clive defeated Nawab of Bengal & French allies/ended Carnatic Wars/opened way for Brits to conquer all India
Treaty that ended the War of Spanish Succession (1713)
Political club during the Revolution named for Dominican convent where they met/led by Robespierre/allied with sans-cullottes/dominated Committee of Public Safety
2 acts/one by the English Parliament (1706) & the other by the Scottish (1707)/united Scotland & England into Great Britain w/single combined Parliament/took effect on 1 May 1707
Prussian king (1740-1786)/3rd Hohenzollern king/1st Partition of Poland/enlightened absolutism/tactical military genius/had 6 horses shot from under him in battle
King from 1727-60/last Brit monarch born outside UK & last to lead troops in battle (Dettingen 1743 in War of the Austrian Succession/defeated Bonnie Prince Charlie
1700-21/Russian-led coalition under Peter the Great vs Swedish coalition under Charles XII/Swedes defeated at Battle of Poltava (1709)/Russia became dominant Baltic power
General name of overthrow of the French monarchy beginning July 14th, 1789 w/storming of the Bastille/led to execution of Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette during Reign of Terror
Treaty that ended the American Revolution (1783)
Daughter of Maria Theresa/Queen of France from 1774-1792/Diamond Necklace Incident/said 'let them eat cake'/executed in Reign of Terror
Treaty that ended the Great Northern War (1721)/peace between Sweden & Russia
1789-90/small vessel sent by Royal Navy on botanical mission to West Indies under William Bligh/mutiny by Lt Fletcher Christian took ship/burned by mutineers at Pitcairn Island
1723-90/Scottish philosopher & economist/wrote The Theory of Moral Sentiments & The Wealth of Nations/advocated lassez-faire economics & the Invisible Hand
1712-78/French philosopher from Geneva/author of Discourse on Inequality, The Social Contract, Emile, Confessions/popular among Jacobins during French Revolution
French prime minister & diplomat under Louis XVI, French Revolution, Napoleon, Louis XVIII, Charles X, & Louis-Philippe
1682-1696-1725/Co-ruled w/brother Ivan V for 14 yrs/attempted to modernize Russia/forced nobles to shave beards/Grand Embassy to W Europe in 1697/won Great Northern War
Legislative body in France until 1789, representing the three estates of the realm (i.e., the clergy, the nobility, and the commons
Holy Roman Emperor (1640-1705)/first cousin of Louis XIV/defeated Ottomans in Great Turkish War/also fought 2nd Northern War, Dutch War, 9 Yrs War, & War of the Spanish Succession
Russian military leader, noble, statesman, & lover of Catherine the Great/led peaceful annexation of Crimea (1783) & successful 2nd Russo-Turkish War/harsh on Cossacks
Ruled Russia (1762-1796)/German princess became tsarina/husband Peter III assassinated/annexed Crimea/Potemkin was a favorite/supported Diderot & enlightenment until French Rev.
Queen of England then Great Britain after Acts of Union (1707)/daughter of James II/War of the Spanish Succession/17 pregnancies, 5 children all died in childhood
1766-68/Prime Minister under George III /'Great Commoner'/changed war effort in French & Indian War from West Indies to Canada/replaced weak military leaders
1720-88/name for Charles Edward Stuart/son of James Francis Edward Stuart & grandson of James II/led 1745 Jacobite Rising/was defeated at Culloden in 1746/escaped to France
Only female Habsburg ruler (1740-80)/daughter of Charles VI/subject of Pragmatic Sanction of 1713/lost Silesia to Prussia in War of the Austrian Succession/hated Jews & Protestants
1711-76/Scottish philosopher & economist/wrote An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, & A Treatise of Human Nature
Prussian royal house/began w/Frederick I/split into Catholic Swabian & Protestant Franconian branches/included Frederick the Great, Wilhelm I, Wilhelm II/overthrown at end of WW1
1760's-mid 1800's/transition to new manufacturing processes in Europe & US/introduction of mechanized factories, chemical manufacture, steam power/began in textile industry in UK
King of France executed under the Reign of Terror
1st president of Committee of Public Safety/president of Cordeliers club/leader in education & govt/tried to reconcile Girondists & Montagnards/executed as one of the Indulgents
1729-97/Anglo-Irish statesman & philosopher/supported US in Revolution/wrote Reflections on the Revolution in France & A Vindication of Natural Society
20 June 1756/small prison in Ft William in Calcutta where troops of the Nawab of Bengal held Brit POW's for 3 days/123 of 146 died
1783-1801 & 1804-06/youngest Brit PM/attempted to remove rotten boroughs/opposed slave trade/formed Triple Alliance to oppose Russia but it collapsed before fighting
1754-63/UK & Prussia, Russia vs France, Austria, Spain, Sweden/French & Indian War in Americas/Frederick the Great of Prussia
1740-48/war over Maria Theresa's claims to the Habsburg realms/included King George's War & War of Jenkin's Ear/ended w/Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle/Maria got part
Most radical group during French Revolution/led by Robespierre/named for sitting on highest benches in Assembly
1724-1804/Prussian philosopher/known for 'categorical imperative'/author of Critique of Pure Reason, Critique of Practical Reason, The Metaphysics of Morals, Critique of Judgment
Brilliant Brit general & diplomat/won at Blenheim, Oudenarde, & Malplaquet in War of Spanish Succession/served Brit monarchs from James II to George I/ancestor of Winston Churchill
1746-63/series of 3 conflicts in India between French & Brit East India Companies/involved Mughal Empire/Brits under Robert Clive won/overlapped w/Seven Years War/Battle of Plassey
French lawyer & politician/arrested & executed in 1794 after Thermidorian reaction/nicknamed 'the incorruptible'/member of Estates-General & Jacobin club/Committe of Public Safety
Economic theory stating that a nation's power is as great as its wealth/adopted by Europeans from 16th-18th centuries
144 essays by John Trenchard & Thomas Gordon between 1720-23/inspired American Revolution/condemned tyranny/named for republican opponent of Julius Caesar
Political movement in Great Britain & Ireland to restore House of Stuart to throne/first w/James the Old Pretender then w/his son Bonnie Prince Charlie
Final attempt by Jacobites to regain throne for Stuarts/Bonnie Prince Charlie invaded from France & after initial victory at Falkirk Muir was defeated at Culloden (1746)
Name for common people of France/name came from clothing/became radicalized & were main force of Revolution/wanted social & economic equality & democracy
11 Sept 1709 battle/Pyrrhic victory of Duke of Marlborough over French under Marshall Villars/massive losses for both sides/Allied losses doubled French
Prince-elector of Hanover/given British throne upon death of Queen Anne as closest Protestant relative (51st in line of succession)/first PM Walpole
Created in 1793 under the National Convention/became ruling power of France during Reign of Terror (1793-94) under Robespierre
1794 coup d'├ętat w/in French Revolution against Jacobin leaders of Committee of Public Safety/National Convention voted to execute Robespierre & Louis Saint-Just/named for month
Physician & scientist/radical journalist during Revolution/called for September Massacres/periodical Friend of the People tied to Jacobins/murdered by Charlotte Corday in bath tub
Period of Revolution from mid-1793 to end of July, 1794/nearly 17,000 death sentences/ended w/Thermidorian Reaction & fall of Robespierre
1792-97 war/coalition of European powers attacked French Republic but were beaten back/Napoleon rose toward the end, captured Mantua, crossed Alps & invaded Austria
1733-35 war begun by Polish civil war/Bourbons & Prussia fought Habsburgs/Russia supported Polish victor/Augustus III took Polish throne
1739-48 conflict/Brits vs Spanish/Spanish coast guard cut off namesake's ear after boarding his ship/absorbed into War of the Austrian Succession/fought in GA & Caribbean Sea
Treaty that ended the War of the First Coalition (1797)
16 April 1746/final battle of Jacobite Rising of 1745/Charles Edward Stuart was defeated by Duke of Cumberland near Inverness in Scotand/last pitched battle on Brit soil
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