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Bourbon French king (1643-1715)/said 'L'etat c'est moi' (I am the state) & 'Apres moi, le deluge' (After me, the flood)/War of Spanish Succession/revoked Edict of Nantes in 1685
1598-1605/elected tsar by Zemsky Sobor (Russian feudal parliament) during Time of Troubles/devastated by famine/fell into anarchy
Name given to supporters of monarchy during English Civil War/derogatory term for wealthy Royalists
1660-88 period in England following Protectorate/Charles II became king by will of Parliament
French cardinal & gov't minister (1616-1642)/centralized state/Day of the Dupes/founded Academie Francaise/made alliances w/protestants in 30 Yrs War/villain in 3 Musketeers
Brit explorer & colonial governor/helped establish Jamestown/1st European to map Chesapeake Bay/also mapped New England/wrote A True Relation & A General History about travels
6 Nov 1632 battle in 30 Yrs War/Protestants under Gustavus Adolphus defeated Catholics under Wallenstein/Adolphus was killed/major blow for Protestant cause/heavy fog
2-6 Sept 1666 fire/started at Thomas Farriner's bakery on Pudding Lane/destroyed 13,200 houses & St Paul's Cathedral/left 70,000 out of 80,000 homeless
Brit philosopher/wrote Two Treatises on Government/Essay Concerning Human Understanding/Letter Concerning Toleration/Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina/tabula rasa (blank slate)
1688-89/replacement of King James II of England by his daughter & her husband (William III & Mary II)/bloodless revolution/caused by birth of James' son due to Catholicism
Last of Stuart kings (1685-1688) deposed by Glorious Revolution due to his Catholocism/William of Orange invaded at request of Protestant nobility/fled to France/Jacobites
1665-1666 outbreak of the bubonic plague in London/killed 100,000 in 18 months (quarter of population)/last widespread outbreak of plague in England
1588-1679/English philosopher/wrote Leviathan & Behemoth/advocated strong central govt/said life of man is 'nasty, brutish, & short.'
Brit hired by Muscovy & Brit E India Co's to find NW Passage in ship (Hopewell)/claimed NY area for Dutch E India Co/marooned at namesake bay in Canada in 1611
King of England (1600-1649) put on trial by Parliament & executed at the end of the English Civil War
Army created by Parliamentarians in 1645 for English Civil War/led by Oliver Cromwell/strong Puritans/professional army w/strict discipline in field/overthrew monarchy
Ruler of Russia (1682-1725)/temporarily ruled w/half brother /made boyars shave beards or pay tax/reorganized army/went incognito w/Grand Embassy to W. Europe/Great Northern War
1552-1618/explorer knighted by Elizabeth I/imprisoned for secretly marrying lady-in-waiting (E Throckmorton)/popularized tobacco/searched S America for El Dorado
14 June 1645/Royalist army under Charles I completely destroyed by New Model Army under Fairfax/Charles I's personal letters were captured/used against him in his trial
1605 plot against James I led by Robert Catesby/planned to blow up House of Lords on 5 Nov 1605/wanted Catholic monarchy/Guy Fawkes 8 others captured & executed
1642-51/Cromwell & Roundheads vs King Charles I & Cavaliers (royalists)/New Model Army/Battle of Naseby/Charles I defeated & executed/set up Protectorate under Cromwell
Fr-Canadian/1st w/partner to explore upper reaches of Mississippi River (1673)/traveled down to mouth of Arkansas River
Name given to supporters of Parliament during English Civil War/derogatory term referred to short haircuts typical of Puritans
King of England (1603-1625)/mother executed by Elizabeth I/raised by Presbyterians after they forced his mother to flee to England/absolutist/led witch hunts in Scotland
Jesuit priest who founded Michigan's 1st European settlement (Sault Ste marie) & founded St Ignace, MI/mapped northern portion of Mississippi River w/partner in 1673
Father of New France & Acadia/established Quebec City in 1608/1st to explore Great Lakes/helped Algonquins in war vs Iroquois/governed New France under Louis XIII/namesake lake
Dutch explorer for Dutch E India Co/1st European to reach Van Diemen's Land (now named for him) & New Zealand/also 1st to sight Fiji islands/voyages in 1642 & 1644
1618-48/Protestant vs Catholic states (mainly in Germany)/very destructive/ended by Peace of Westphalia (signed in Osnabrück and Münster)
Son of Charles I of England/defeated by Cromwell at Battle of Worcester (1651)/became king during Restoration/known as Merry Monarch
Lord Protector of England (1653-1658)/nicknamed 'Old Ironsides'/member of Short, Long, & Rump Parliaments/defeated Royalist forces at Naseby (1645)/commanded New Model Army
1611-32/Protestant King of Sweden/won Battle of Breitenfeld in 30 Years War/killed at Battle of Lutzen/known as Lion of the North/called by some 'father of modern warfare'

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