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Also King of Navarre (1572-1610)/King of France (1598-1610)/1st Bourbon monarch/Protestant barely survived St. Bartholomew's Day/'Paris is worth a mass'/decreed Edict of Nantes
1618-48/Protestant vs Catholic states (mainly in Germany)/very destructive/ended by Peace of Westphalia (signed in Osnabrück and Münster)
12 Sept 1683 battle which broke the 2nd siege of Vienna by Ottoman Empire under Mustafa Pasha by Jan III Sobieski of Poland/turning point stopping Ottoman expansion
2 July 1644/Parliamentarians under Fairfax defeated Royalists under Prince Rupert in English Civil War/Cromwell's cavalry destroyed Royalists/largest battle of War
1552-1610/Italian Jesuit priest & missionary to China/1st European to enter Forbidden City/translated Confucius into Latin/made map of European exploration in Chinese
Brit philosopher/wrote Two Treatises on Government/Essay Concerning Human Understanding/Letter Concerning Toleration/Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina/tabula rasa (blank slate)
1660-88 period in England following Protectorate/Charles II became king by will of Parliament
1650-1715/English inventor who created the 1st commercially use steam powered device/pump used to drain mines/made public water supply practical
1558-1603/daughter of Anne Boleyn/imprisoned by Bloody Mary/defeated Spanish Armada/reestablished Anglican Church/'I see, and say nothing' motto/executed Mary Queen of Scots
Dutch explorer for Dutch E India Co/1st European to reach Van Diemen's Land (now named for him) & New Zealand/also 1st to sight Fiji islands/voyages in 1642 & 1644
1596-1650/French philosopher & mathematician/cogito ergo sum/wrote Meditations on First Philosophy, Discourse on the Method, Passions of the Soul, La Géometrie
Italian cardinal/chief minister of France (1642-1661) under Louis XIII & XIV/successor of Richelieu/cause of Fronde/gave Louis XIV namesake diamonds (Louvre) & library (Paris)
1583-1634/Bohemian Catholic military leader during 30 Yrs War/so wealthy he bought his own army/supreme commander of Habsburg armies/assassinated by army official w/HRE's approval
Father of New France & Acadia/established Quebec City in 1608/1st to explore Great Lakes/helped Algonquins in war vs Iroquois/governed New France under Louis XIII/namesake lake
1640-60/name for Parliament which followed the Short Parliament/stipulated that it could only be dissolved w/agreement from its members/purged by New Model Army in 1648
Last of Stuart kings (1685-1688) deposed by Glorious Revolution due to his Catholocism/William of Orange invaded at request of Protestant nobility/fled to France/Jacobites
1674-96/King of Poland & Grand Duke of Lithuania/brilliant military commander who defeated Turks at 1683 Battle of Vienna/called Lion of Lechistan by Ottomans
1689 landmark Brit law/established civil rights & set royal line of succession/limited power of monarch & set rights of Parliament/prohibited cruel & unusual punishment
Coregency of these spouses began in 1689 after Convention Parliament offered them the throne after Glorious Revolution (1688) deposed last Stuart king
2-6 Sept 1666 fire/started at Thomas Farriner's bakery on Pudding Lane/destroyed 13,200 houses & St Paul's Cathedral/left 70,000 out of 80,000 homeless
King of France (1610-43)/son of Henry IV & Marie de' Medici/king at 9 yrs old/took power from mother at 16 & exiled her/relied of Cardinal Richelieu
Name for final Parliament before Cromwell installed as Lord Protector/all members nominated by Cromwell after he dissolved Rump Parliament/sat for 6 months in 1653/dissolved itself
1623-62/French mathematician & Catholic theologian/child math prodigy/in Jansenist movement/wrote Provincial Letters & Pensées/namesake wager on existence of God
Fr-Canadian/1st w/partner to explore upper reaches of Mississippi River (1673)/traveled down to mouth of Arkansas River
1667-68 war/Louis XIV invaded Spanish Netherlands/claimed by right of his marriage to Maria Theresa of Spain/named for law he used to justify invasion/returned under peace treaty
4 April 1660/proclamation by Charles II promised general pardon for crimes during English Civil War for anyone who recognized him as rightful King/also promised freedom of religion
Lord Protector of England (1653-1658)/nicknamed 'Old Ironsides'/member of Short, Long, & Rump Parliaments/defeated Royalist forces at Naseby (1645)/commanded New Model Army
1688-97/also called War of the Grand Alliance or War of the League of Augsburg/Louis XIV vs HRE, Dutch Republic, Spain, UK/ended as stalemate by Treaty of Ryswick/2nd of this name
Name given to supporters of monarchy during English Civil War/derogatory term for wealthy Royalists
1611-32/Protestant King of Sweden/won Battle of Breitenfeld in 30 Years War/killed at Battle of Lutzen/known as Lion of the North/called by some 'father of modern warfare'
1632-54/only surviving child of Gustavus Adolphus/became Queen of Sweden after his death at Battle of Lutzen/highly educated/refused to marry/abdicated & converted to Catholicism
1642-51/Cromwell & Roundheads vs King Charles I & Cavaliers (royalists)/New Model Army/Battle of Naseby/Charles I defeated & executed/set up Protectorate under Cromwell
1683-99/also War of the Holy League/series of conflicts began w/Battle of Vienna/Ottoman's vs European league/Ottomans lost Central European territory
Jamaican port city founded in 1494 by Spanish/captured by Brits in 1655/largest city in Caribbean until 1692 earthquake & tsunami destroyed it/base for pirates & privateers
Ruler of Russia (1682-1725)/temporarily ruled w/half brother /made boyars shave beards or pay tax/reorganized army/went incognito w/Grand Embassy to W. Europe/Great Northern War
1649-1660 period in England between execution of Charles I & restoration of Charles II/includes time under commonwealth/term means any time between successive reigns
Name of Parliament after Thomas Pride purged Long Parliament in 1648/members were purged b/c they opposed trying Charles I for treason/dissolved by Cromwell under threat of force
Brit explorer & colonial governor/helped establish Jamestown/1st European to map Chesapeake Bay/also mapped New England/wrote A True Relation & A General History about travels
Name given to supporters of Parliament during English Civil War/derogatory term referred to short haircuts typical of Puritans
6 Nov 1632 battle in 30 Yrs War/Protestants under Gustavus Adolphus defeated Catholics under Wallenstein/Adolphus was killed/major blow for Protestant cause/heavy fog
1552-1618/explorer knighted by Elizabeth I/imprisoned for secretly marrying lady-in-waiting (E Throckmorton)/popularized tobacco/searched S America for El Dorado
Son of Charles I of England/defeated by Cromwell at Battle of Worcester (1651)/became king during Restoration/known as Merry Monarch
English constitution drafted by Lambert in 1653/created the Protectorate/increased power of House of Commons/executive was Lord Protector/repealed 1657
1680 revolt of American Indians against Spanish rule in New Mexico/also called Popé's Rebellion/killed 400 Spanish & drove 2000 settlers out
King of England (1603-1625)/mother executed by Elizabeth I/raised by Presbyterians after they forced his mother to flee to England/absolutist/led witch hunts in Scotland
Jesuit priest who founded Michigan's 1st European settlement (Sault Ste marie) & founded St Ignace, MI/mapped northern portion of Mississippi River w/partner in 1673
Army created by Parliamentarians in 1645 for English Civil War/led by Oliver Cromwell/strong Puritans/professional army w/strict discipline in field/overthrew monarchy
Bourbon French king (1643-1715)/said 'L'etat c'est moi' (I am the state) & 'Apres moi, le deluge' (After me, the flood)/War of Spanish Succession/revoked Edict of Nantes in 1685
Holy Roman Emperor (1640-1705)/first cousin of Louis XIV/defeated Ottomans in Great Turkish War/also fought 2nd Northern War, Dutch War, 9 Yrs War, & War of the Spanish Succession
1646-1716/German philosopher and mathematician who believed humans lived in perfect harmony with God and nature/he also invented calculus/mocked by Voltaire in Candide
Phrase for Puritan migration to New England between 1620-40/also included those who moved to West Indies (esp Barbados)/desired freedom of religion
1639-51/series of conflicts that took place in England, Scotland & Ireland/includes English Civil War/fought over religious & political issues/overall victor was English Parliament
Brit hired by Muscovy & Brit E India Co's to find NW Passage in ship (Hopewell)/claimed NY area for Dutch E India Co/marooned at namesake bay in Canada in 1611
1605 plot against James I led by Robert Catesby/planned to blow up House of Lords on 5 Nov 1605/wanted Catholic monarchy/Guy Fawkes 8 others captured & executed
1648-53 civil war in France in midst of Franco-Spanish War/Louis XIV defeated princes, nobility, law courts & French people/began over taxation/strengthened royal authority
14 June 1645/Royalist army under Charles I completely destroyed by New Model Army under Fairfax/Charles I's personal letters were captured/used against him in his trial
Series of 4 wars (3 in 1600's) between Dutch Republic & England over trade & colonies/primarily naval combat/Dutch won 2nd & 3rd but Brit navy dominated by 4th
1588-1679/English philosopher/wrote Leviathan & Behemoth/advocated strong central govt/said life of man is 'nasty, brutish, & short.'
1688-89/replacement of King James II of England by his daughter & her husband (William III & Mary II)/bloodless revolution/caused by birth of James' son due to Catholicism
1665-1666 outbreak of the bubonic plague in London/killed 100,000 in 18 months (quarter of population)/last widespread outbreak of plague in England
French cardinal & gov't minister (1616-1642)/centralized state/Day of the Dupes/founded Academie Francaise/made alliances w/protestants in 30 Yrs War/villain in 3 Musketeers
King of England (1600-1649) put on trial by Parliament & executed at the end of the English Civil War
1598-1605/elected tsar by Zemsky Sobor (Russian feudal parliament) during Time of Troubles/devastated by famine/fell into anarchy
English translation of the Bible (begun 1604) published in 1611 under sponsorship of English monarch/1st printed by Norton & Barker/called Authorized Version
Name for 3 incidents in Bohemia where people were thrown out of windows/3rd in 1618 when Protestants threw 2 royal governors out/landed in dung heap/helped trigger 30 Yrs War
Name for Parliament that only sat for 3 weeks in 1640/had followed 11 yrs w/out any Parliament/dissolved by Charles I when it demanded redress of grievances & wouldn't give him $$$
1583-1605/Dutch jurist/laid foundation for international law/ideas were important to Peace of Westphalia/supported Arminian theology/supported free trade
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