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25 Nov 1120/ship sank in English Channel killing all but one including William Adelin (only legitimate son of King Henry I of England)/led to The Anarchy
ruled 1285-1314/'the Fair' or 'the Iron King'/from feudalism toward centralization/expelled Jews (1306)/destroyed Knights Templar (1307)/lost Battle of the Golden Spurs
Fortress & prison begun by William the Conqueror w/White Tower in London in 1078/used as prison from 1100-1952/more buildings later added
26 August 1071/Muslim Seljuk Turks defeated Byzantine army/captured Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes/Turks took over Anatolia/caused 30 yrs of internal conflict in Byzantine Empire
King of England (1042-66)/penultimate Anglo-Saxon King of England/son of Aethelred the Unready/House of Wessex/canonized in 1161 by Pope Alexander III
April 1182/Roman Catholics in Constantinople massacred by Eastern Orthodox inhabitants/60,000 killed or fled/initiated by overthrow of princess Maria after death of Manuel I
1202-04/crusaders for Holy Land instead sack Christian Byzantine capital Constantinople/considered a final act of Great Schism (Roman Catholic vs Eastern Orthodox)
1215-17/civil war in England/barons under Fitzwalter w/French under future King Louis VIII vs King John/because John rejected Magna Carta/John died then English fought French
1145-49/began by Pope Eugene III in response to fall of Edessa to Zengi/led by Louis VII (France) & Conrad III (Germany)/Lisbon was captured from Moors/crusade failed
Mongol khanate that ruled over Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, E Europe from 1240's to 1502/ruled by Batu Khan/
1213-21/European attempt to recapture Jerusalem via conquering Ayyubid's in Egypt/called by Pope's Innocent III & Honorius III/captured port Damietta but failed to take Cairo
Kurdish Sultan of Egypt/founder of Ayyubid dynasty/undermined Fatimids in Egypt & aligned w/Abbasids/defeated Crusaders & Battle of Hattin in 1187
1187 battle in which Saladin defeated Guy of Lusignan & crusader army/made Muslims strongest military power in Middle East & led to 3rd Crusade
1086 Great Survey (Liber de Wintonia) ordered by William the Conqueror to assess property for taxes
Order founded in 1119/red cross on white/headquarters at Temple of Solomon (al-Aqsa Mosque)/destroyed by Philip IV of France (he owed them $)/disbanded by Pope Clement V in 1312
ruled 1226-70/mother Blanch of Castille ruled as regent in youth/Albigensian Crusade ended/introduced presumption of innocence/died in 8th Crusade/only canonized French king
King of England (1189-1199)/great warrior/led 3rd Crusade against Saladin/son of Henry II & Eleanor of Aquitaine/captured on return trip by Duke Leopold of Austria & ransomed
English royal house whose parent branch were the Angevins/ruled from Henry III to Richard III/cadet branches were Lancaster & York
1264-67/civil war in England/barons under Simon de Montfort vs King Henry III & son Edward I/massacres of Jews/after initial success Montfort killed at Battle of Evesham
1189-92/Richard the Lionheart, Philip II (France), & Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (died enroute) vs Saladin/captured Acre & Jaffa but not Jerusalem/considered failure
7 June - 15 July 1099/climax of First Crusade/siege & capture of holy city by crusaders from Fatimid Caliphate/after victory Muslims & Jews were massacred
22 July 1298/major battle in First War of Scottish Independence/Wallace was defeated by Edward I of England/Wallace escaped & resigned as Guardian of Scotland
1054 break between Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox churches/issues included primacy of pope & procession of the Holy Spirit
14 Oct 1066 battle/William I defeated Godwinson/Saxon shield wall held/pursued Normans but were routed/Godwinson killed by arrow to eye/just days after Stamford Bridge
1212 peaceful crusade of young people intended to convert Muslims in Holy Land/many died of starvation & exhaustion enroute/accounts are questioned by modern historians
1063-72/second Sultan of Seljuk Empire/great-grandson of Seljuk/defeated Byzantines at Manzikert/expanded territory into Anatolia/name means 'heroic lion'
King of England (1199-1216)/lost Normandy to Philip II of France/revolt of barons led to signing of Magna Carta (1215)/excommunicated in 1209 by Innocent III
1272-1307/son of Henry III/in 9th Crusade/fought rebellious barons, Philip IV of France, & Scots under Wallace & Bruce/called Hammer of the Scots
11th century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who according to legend rode naked down streets of Coventry to get husband to lowers taxes/'peeping Tom' comes from this event
70 meter (230 ft) embroidered cloth/depicts events leading up to Norman conquest/70 scenes/commissioned by Bishop Odo (William's half brother) or Queen Matilda/shows Halley's Comet
1270-1305/Scottish knight in First War of Scottish Independence/defeated English at Stirling Bridge/became Guardian of Scotland/defeated at Falkirk/captured & executed by Edward I
Term used by European Christians in Middle Ages to Arab Muslims/the terms Muslim & Islam were generally not used until 1500's
Largest continuous land empire in history/begun by Temujin (Genghis Khan) in 1206/split into khanates/final (Chagatai) fell in 1687/ruled China as Yuan dynasty under Kublai Khan
Pope from 1088 until 1099/established modern day Roman Curia as ecclesiastical court/called for the First Crusade
English royal house of French origin named for French territory they inherited/Henry II, Richard I, John/after John lost Anjou, Henry III became the 1st Plantagenet
1066/invasion of England from France by William the Conqueror (Duke of Normandy)/defeated Harold Godwinson at Battle of Hastings to become first Norman King of England
One of the first confrontations of 3rd Crusade/siege lasted from 1189-1191/Crusader victory/Richard I slaughtered prisoners - Saladin responded in kind
Turkish Sunni Muslim dynasty ruling region from Turkey to Persia (1016-1153) that gradually adopted Persian culture/targets of 1st Crusade
11 Sept 1297/major battle in First War of Scottish Independence/Wallace & Andrew Moray defeated English as they crossed River Forth near Stirling Castle
25 Sept 1066 battle/Godwinson defeated Harald Hadrada/near Derwent River/Hadrada had just taken York/Godwinson's brother Tostig fought for Hadrada/viking w/axe speared on bridge
1135-53 civil war in England & Normandy/succession crisis on death of William Adelin/Stephen of Blois nephew of Henry I took throne from Empress Matilda Henry's daughter
Order founded in 1099/white cross on red/based in Jerusalem, then Rhodes & Malta/cared for sick/held Turks under Mehmet II & Sulieman the Magnificent at bay w/small force
Late medieval Rus' principality centered on Moscow and the predecessor state of the early modern Tsardom of Russia/began w/Daniel I in 1283/later ruled by Ivan III
Venetian merchant/traveled Silk Road to China (1271-95)/wrote Il Milione (Book of the Marvels of the World)/served Kublai Khan as diplomat/imprisoned in Genoa where he dictated boo
Leader in First Crusade/1st ruler of Kingdom of Jerusalem (1099-1100)/key role in Siege of Jerusalem/refused title of King/replaced by brother Baldwin upon death
Loose federation of E Slavic tribes from late 9th to mid-13th century/contained modern Belarus, Ukraine, & part of Russia/from Baltic to Black Seas/fell to Mongols in 1240
Cathartic Christian sect in southern France in 1100-1200's/held dualistic view/saw matter as evil/disagreed w/Catholic teaching on incarnation of Christ & sacraments
Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162-70/killed by followers or Henry II/fought w/Henry over Church privileges/considered a saint by Catholics & Anglicans
1046-66/King of Norway/unsuccessfully claimed Danish & English thrones/fought as mercenary in Kievan Rus' & Byzantine Empire/invaded England w/300 ships/killed at Stamford Bridge
Holy Roman Emperor (1155-1190)/name means 'red beard'/reestablished Roman rule of law/attempted to join 3rd Crusade but drowned in Saleph River in Turkey
Descendant of Vikings/Duke of Normandy promised throne of England by Edward the Confessor/also known as 'The Bastard'/defeated Godwinson at Hastings in 1066 to take throne
1209-29/campaign initiated by Pope Innocent III to eliminate Catharism (religious group) in southern France (under King Philip II)
1096-1099/called by Pope Urban II after appeal of Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komenos to repel Seljuk Turks/resulted in capture of Jerusalem in 1099/led by Godfrey of Bouillon
1274-1329/King of Scotland from 1306-29/led Scots in later portion of First War of Scottish Independence/defeated Edward II at Bannockburn
Wife of Louis VII of France/participated in Second Crusade/marriage annulled/married Henry II of England/mother of Richard I & John Lackland (8 children)/regent during 3rd Crusade
Latin for 'Great Charter'/charter of rights for barons (led by Fitzwalter) signed by King John of England at Runnymede in 1215/annulled by Pope Innocent III/drafted by Langton
1st Angevin King of England (1133-1189)/father of Richard the Lionheart & John/2nd husband of Eleanor of Aquitaine/had Thomas Beckett killed/overthrown by son Richard I
Final Anglo-Saxon King of England (1066)/defeated Harald Hadrada of Norway at Battle of Stamford Bridge/defeated at Hastings by William the Conqueror in 1066
Pope from 1072-85/began the Investiture Controversy/excommunicated Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV twice forcing him to wait 3 days & nights on his knees in the snow
Daughter of Henry I of England/wife of HRE Henry V/wife of Geoffrey of Anjou/vied for throne of England in The Anarchy/mother of King Henry II
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