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Fertility goddess/wife of Ea/mother of Marduk
Vizier of Apsu & Tiamat/personification of practical knowledge & technical skill/symbolized mental world/locked out by Ea
Enuma Elish was first recovered in 1849 by...(except for Tablet 5 which was never recovered)
God of water, knowledge, mischief, crafts, & creation/put Apsu into coma & killed him/husband of Damkina/father of Marduk
City where Library of Ashurbanipal was located
Location where Enuma Elish was recovered
Primeval goddess representing oceanic waters or primordial chaos/wife of Apsu/gods resided in her body/killed by Marduk
Earth goddess/chief consort of sky god An/mother of Enlil
God of wind, air, earth, & storms/separated An (heaven) & Ki (earth) so humans could live on earth/rewards Ziusudra for surviving flood or caused the flood to wipe out humans
Primeval god who represents fresh water//husband of Tiamat/wanted to kill younger gods for making too much noise/killed by Ea
Son of Ea & Damkina/saves gods from Tiamat & her monsters to rule/defeats Tiamat/rips her in half to create earth & sky/also kills Kingu/uses his blood to create humans
Second husband of Tiamat/received 3 Tablets of Destiny from Tiamat/wore them as breastplate/son of Apsu & Tiamat
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