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DescriptionMonarch/RulerRoyal House
King of England (1485-1509)/defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field to end War of the Roses/began Tudor dynastyTudor (1485-1509)
British king who was named 'Defender of the Faith' by Pope Leo X/later broke w/Church over marriage to Catherine of Aragon/had Thomas More executed/2nd Tudor monarch/6 wivesTudor (1509-1547)
Sickly son of Henry VIII crowned at at of 9/died at 15Tudor (1547-1553)
Grand-daughter of Henry VII/monarch of England for 9 days after the death of Edward VI after being nominated in his will/executed for treason by Bloody Mary after Wyatt's rebellionTudor (1553)
Daughter of Catherine of Aragon/wife of Philip II of Spain/returned England to Catholicism/executed Latimer & Cranmer among othersTudor (1553-1558)
Daughter of Anne Boleyn/imprisoned during reign of Bloody Mary/defeated Spanish Armada/reestablished Anglican Church/'I see, and say nothing' motto/executed Mary Queen of ScotsTudor (1558-1603)
King of England (1603-1625)/mother executed by Elizabeth I/raised by Presbyterians after they forced his mother to flee to England/absolutist/led witch hunts in ScotlandStuart (1603-1625)
King of England (1600-1649) put on trial by Parliament & executed at the end of the English Civil WarStuart (1625-1649)
Nicknamed 'Old Ironsides'/member of Short, Long, & Rump Parliaments/defeated Royalist forces at Naseby (1645)/commanded New Model Army/Lord Protector (1653-1658)(1653-1658)
Nicknamed 'Tumbledown Dick'/son of Oliver Cromwell/inherited title of Lord Protector upon his father's death/removed by English Committee of Safety in less than 1 yr (1658-59)(1658-1659)
Son of Charles I of England/defeated by Cromwell at Battle of Worcester (1651)/became king during Restoration/known as Merry MonarchStuart (1660-1685)
Last of Stuart kings (1685-1688) deposed by Glorious Revolution due to his Catholocism/William of Orange invaded at request of Protestant nobility/fled to France/JacobitesStuart (1685-1688)
Coregency of spouses began in 1689 after Convention Parliament offered them the throne after Glorious Revolution (1688) deposed last Stuart kingStuart (1689-1702)
DescriptionMonarch/RulerRoyal House
Queen of England then Great Britain after Acts of Union (1707)/daughter of James II/War of the Spanish Succession/17 pregnancies, 5 children all died in childhoodStuart (1702-1714)
Prince-elector of Hanover/given British throne upon death of Queen Anne as closest Protestant relative/first PM WalpoleHanover (1714-1727)
Last British monarch born outside of Great Britain/last to lead an army in battle (Battle of Dettingen-War of Austrian Succession 1743)/Bonnie Prince Charlie coup attempt failedHanover (1727-1760)
King of Great Britain (1760-1820)/mental illness in later years/7 Years War/American Revolution/longest reign of any Brit monarch at that timeHanover (1760-1820)
Served as Prince Regent during father's mental illness/poor leader/extravagant spender (remodeled Buckingham Palace, rebuilt Windsor Castle)/gov't was led by PM LiverpoolHanover (1820-1830)
3rd son of George III/nicknamed 'Sailor King'/served in Royal Navy/slavery abolished, Reform Act of 1832, child labor restricted/10 illegitimate children w/actress Dorothea JordanHanover (1830-1837)
Queen of UK/Empress of India/married Prince Albert/Bedchamber Crisis/Kensington System - Sir John Conroy/mentored by PM Melbourne/longest reignHanover (1837-1901)
Eldest son of Victoria & Prince Albert/modernized Brit Home Fleet, reorganized Army after 2nd Boer War/uncle of Kaiser Wilhelm II/died in midst of constitutional crisisSaxe-Coburg & Gotha (1901-1910)
Grandson of Victoria/served in Royal Navy/Parliament Act of 1911 (supremacy to House of Commons)/changed name of royal house in 1917 b/c of anti-German sentiment from WW1Windsor (1910-1936)
King of UK from January-December 1936/abdicated to marry American Wallis Simpson (twice divorced)/became Duke of Windsor, governor of Bahamas, retired in FranceWindsor (1936)
Served in Royal Navy & RAF in WW1/reigned during WW2 & breakup of Empire/portrayed by Colin Firth in 2010 film The King's SpeechWindsor (1936-1952)
Queen of 16 of 53 members of Commonwealth of Nations/has been Queen since 1952/surpassed Victoria on Sept 9, 2015 as longest reigning British monarch/house of WindsorWindsor (1952-present)

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