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Transformer where primary winding has more turns than secondary winding
States that current through conductor is directly proportional to potential difference/current equals potential difference over resistanance/V = I R
Flow of electric charge that periodically reverses direction/Tesla favored this form in War of Currents
Device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy for use in an external circuit
Semiconductor device used to amplify & switch electronic signals & power/3 terminals/most important electrical component/developed by Brattain, Shockley, & Bardeen in 1947
Insulating material placed between the plates of a capacitor to increase the amount of charge it can store
Difference in electric potential energy between two points
Passive two-terminal electrical component that reduces current flow and voltage within a circuit/converts electrical energy to heat/symbolized with jagged lines
Property of material that varies with change in temperature that measures how strongly it opposes flow of electric current/reciprocal of conductivity
Originally known as a condenser/2-terminal component used to store electrical energy (charge)/has 2 plates w/dielectric (insulator) in between/symbol is 2 equal parallel lines
Type of very sensitive ammeter/only usable for small currents/always a mechanical device/add a resistor in series to convert into voltmeter
Minimum voltage that causes a portion of an insulator to become electrically conductive/for diodes it's the min voltage to make it conduct in reverse
2-terminal electrical component/low resistance in 1 direction, high in other so only lets current flow in 1 direction/triangular symbol
Flow of electric charge through a conductor/measured in amperes
Transfers energy between 2 or more circuits by electromagnetic induction/used to increase or decrease voltage of an alternating current
Instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit/normally measures voltage, current, & resistance
Property of material that varies with change in temperature that measures its ability to conduct electric current/reciprocal of resistivity
Instrument used to measure the current in a circuit/can be mechanical or electrical/uses low resistance/must break circuit to insert
Measure of the difficulty to pass an electric current through a conductor/measured in ohms
Instrument that measures electrical potential difference between 2 points in circuit/do not need to break circuit to use/uses high resistance
Foundational to electronics/conductivity increases w/increased temp/enhanced by 'doping'/used in transistors/Si,Ga,Ge
Enclosure formed by conductive material or mesh of such material that blocks external E-fields and doesn't allow current to flow inside/a car struck by lightning is an example
Used in levitation demos/zero resistance & expulsion of B-field (magnetic field)/discovered by Onnes/usually at very low temps/some ceramic materials at much higher
Early form of capacitor consisting of a glass jar with layers of metal foil on the outside and inside/invented by von Kleist & Musschenbroek (1745)/named for Dutch city
Instrument that measures electrical resistance/form circuit w/in themselves/don't hook into existing circuit/sends constant I thru resistance, measures V to calculate R
Flow of electric charge produced by batteries, thermocouples, solar cells, and dynamo-type machines that is unidirectional/favored by Edison in War of Currents
Machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
Transformer where primary winding has fewer turns than secondary winding
One or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy

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