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Economic theory named for Brit economist that says that during economic recessions governments should intervene by pumping more money into the economy
Satirical principle stating that companies systematically promote their least-competent employees to management in order to limit the amount of damage they are capable of doing
Short-dated government security, yielding no interest but issued at a discount on its redemption price (i.e. you buy a $100 for $80/at maturity you get $100)
Management theory principle which states that in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to their level of incompetence/promoted until they reach a job they are unqualified for
Namesake curve sketched on napkin for Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld
American stock exchange/1st electronic exchange/2nd largest exchange in world/also refers to namesake Composite Index which gives an average value of over 3000 stocks
Market in which securities are bought and sold
Mathematical discipline is study of strategic decision making/used in economics/begun by Neumann/2014 Nobel Prize in Econ went to Tirole for work in this field/10 others as well
Cost or benefit that affects a party who did not choose to incur that cost or benefit
1st sale of stock by private company to public/often by small companies to raise capital/Facebook's in 2012 was biggest tech one ever/Alibaba's in 2014 was largest in US ever
18th century French economists that believed the wealth of a nation derived solely from value of land 'agriculture'/included Quesnay & Turgot/preceded classical economics
American stock market index based on the market capitalizations of 500 large companies having common stock listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ
Bad money drives out good (Ex. if paper money is losing value people will use it for transactions while hoarding gold)
Profit earned by producing one more unit of a good/difference between marginal revenue & marginal cost
Cost advantages enterprises obtain due to their scale of operation w/cost per unit of output decreasing w/increasing scale/reason why free trade should benefit both parties
Ability of an individual or group to carry out a particular economic activity (such as making a specific product) more efficiently than another activity
Invented in 1896 by namesake journalist (also founded Wall Street Journal)/price-weighted average of 30 significant stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
The cost of producing one more unit of a good
When a few entities dominate an industry
Gain or loss from an increase or decrease of the consumption of one more unit of a good or service
Tradable financial asset of any kind/categorized into debt types (banknotes, bonds, debentures) & equity types (stocks)
Ownership shares of a public company/sold in a namesake exchange
Economic theory advocated by Friedman that says gov't intervention during a recession increases inflation which causes more trouble/opposes gov't intervention
Debt security issued by a government, municipality, or corporation to raise money/means of borrowing/purchaser gets money back at 'maturity' with interest
American stock exchange located at 11 Wall Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City/largest stock exchange by far in the world/stock values total over $19 trillion
Sum of money paid regularly (typically quarterly) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves)
Asserts that real wages always tend, in the long run, toward the minimum wage necessary to sustain the life of the worker/first named by Lassalle in mid 1800's

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