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Forced Order
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Callimaco wants to sleep w/Lucrezia (beautiful wife of old Nicia)/disguised as Dr convinces Nicia to have Lucrezia eat title plant to have son but 1st person to sleep w/her diesMachiavelli
Charles Marlow meets Kate Hardcastle who must pretend to be a common girl to win his affections, which succeeds, and they become engagedOliver Goldsmith
Halvard Solness with the title occupation takes Hilda into his home/Suffers from acrophobia/At Hilda's encouragement he climbs a tall building, slips, and diesHenrik Ibsen
Mayan theatrical play in K'iche' language/original name Xijoj Tun (Trumpet Dance)/2 princes, one is put on trial for stealing king's children/2005 UNESCO awardUnknown
Queen Zara captive of King Manuel of Granada/both die/paraphrased quotes 'Music has charms to soothe a savage beast' & 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'William Congreve
Krogstad is fired from his job at the bank by Torvald, whose wife Nora has borrowed money illegally/Nora abandons her husband and 3 children at the endHenrik Ibsen
Title character, a privy counselor, has the Tsar executed to take his position/monk attempts to expose his plot, while Grigori attempts to impersonate the dead TsarAlexander Pushkin
Mycetes complains about a Scythian thief who humiliates Bajazeth by using him as footrest/title character kills son Calyphas for being a 'shame of nature'Christopher Marlowe
Follows Dr. Stockman as he tries to prove the town's tannery is poisoning the local baths but becomes an outcastHenrik Ibsen
Arkadina the fading actress/Trigorin the writer/Konstantin (Arkadina's son) wants to be a writer but commits suicide at the end/Nina runs away to become an actress/love triangles!Anton Chekhov
Daughter of a count falls for & sleeps with senior servant Jean, who convinces her to commit suicide/play ends with her walking off stage with a razorAugust Strindberg
Professor Serebryakov and young 2nd wife Yelena visit his rural estate run by daughter Sonya and brother in law (title character)Anton Chekhov
Doctor agrees with Lucifer (Satan) to give his soul in exchange for 24 years having demon Mephistopheles as his servant/travels & sees Helen of Troy 'face that launch'd 1000 ships'Christopher Marlowe
Title character is unhappily married to George Tesman/Lovborg commites suicide upon her advice/she commits suicide at the endHenrik Ibsen
Jeremy (Capt Face) uses master Lovewit's house (left b/c of plague)/Doll Common (prostitute), Sir Epicure Mammon (wants philosopher's stone), Subtle, Dame Pliant, Drugger, KastrilBen Jonson
Satire of idle classes in 1700's/Mirabell, Millamant, Foible, Fainall, Lady Wishfort/lots of affairs & 'love' for personal gain thru dowries & inheritances/no true protagonistWilliam Congreve
Considered the 1st comedy in English language (1533)/rich widow Christian Custance betrothed to merchant Goodluck/title character unsuccessfully tries to woo herNicholas Udall
Sir Peter Teazle's wife tries to cheat on her husband with Joseph/Sir Oliver returns in disguise & tests both nephews (Charles & Joseph) finding Joseph to be a fraud/Lady SneerwellRichard Sheridan
Title comes from opening line of Aeneid set in 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian War/Raina Petkoff declares love for Bluntschli, breaks engagement with Sergius who marries servant girl LoukaGeorge Bernard Shaw
Begins w/Ra addressing audience/title characters meet accidentally at night by a Sphinx/they are besieged in Alexandria by Ptolemy/Ftateeta kills Pothinus & is killed by RufioGeorge Bernard Shaw
Title character kidnaps a new bride Ingrid, encounters the Troll King, and travels to Egypt/drama in verse with score by GriegHenrik Ibsen

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